Possible glitch?

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  1. Whammytap

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    Aug 5, 2016
    Hi, all and mighty Fallout gurus, please shed some light on an odd situation for me.

    My husband and I are playing through Tactics for the first time. We are playing through Steam on a Windows 10 machine with all available patches installed; the game is vanilla. We are in Jeff City. One of our team members, Rebecca, keeps spontaneously getting injured for no reason. We're not in combat, but the message "Stats changed" will come up next to her sprite. Her stats show a severe penalty to strength, perception, and endurance--to the point she cannot use her rifle and is so encumberd as to be immoble.

    Infobox does not say anything about anything having happened to her character. If we reload to a save done shortly before his happened, it happens again. We've even reloadd to a farther-back save (start of mission) and it still happens as we start to engage a group of Super Mutants. Rebecca is not poisoned, crippled, irradiated, knocked out, or winded. There is just this sudden, unexplained "Stats changed" event.

    What is this? Is this a glitch? Is there anything we can do about it?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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  2. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    I'm unsure as to a remedy, but I've been experiencing the same thing. Particularly in BoS bunkers, such as when going on a rampage.

    Things like a specific party member being repeatedly hit for (unless 'critical' effects occur) just a couple of damage, by (after saving first then going on a murder spree just for a bit of fun), the bunker medical officer and cypher. Cypher at that point had left that bunker, so wasn't even present to do any damaging, whilst the medical officer had, along with his bedbound patients, just become the proud new owner of a visible spine poking out of his torso thanks to a burst of combat shotgun fire with flechette shells, tearing him to pieces.

    IIRC even once wore down his health to critically low, after stealing his medical gear, before incinerating him completely with an incendiary grenade. Nothing left to pull a trigger, and even before that, had left him with only his equipped power-fist, having stolen his laser pistol to sell back to the quartermaster. Yet he still seemed able to target farsight from his pile of ashes, with ranged damage whilst farsight was at the other end of the room, tearing up a couple of paladins with her shotgun, AK, MP5 and AP rounds plus her ripper, supported by jax, packing a rocket launcher, M1 garand, more grenades than he should know what to do with and .44 magnum to get that last shot off with his fast shot perk when using SMGs, typically a sten, for its ability to get off two bursts plus allowing a shot from the .44 or a laser pistol, and being able to use regular 9mm ball, AP or hollowpoint rounds.

    I too would love to know if there is a fix for corpses, or remains either burnt to a crisp or splattered with explosives