Possible main story-line and game mechanics for Fallout 4.

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    Mar 24, 2006
    So i've been thinking about Fallout 4 and have decided that it will probably be a sequel to Fallout 3 in some way. My guess is that it will be about the Super Mutants that attacked the washington area.

    This is the story line that would be good. no. the best.

    You start out in a vault close to the greater state of annexed canada located conveniently in the center of the continent with burned out remains of the fallout world around you.

    Being awoken rudely in your sleep one night by the vault security forces you were put into uniform, handed a gun and told to report to the main vault entrance door to defend against attacking super mutants.

    meandering your way through a quick 15 minute tutorial that teaches you effectively and swiftly the most basic and necessary functions and controls of the game. You get a nice chance to run around, check out the vault for a bit if you want to. Once you finally manage your way to the main vault door you are greeted with the obligatory cutscene of the first vital part of plot development. This would of course be where you see your overseer going out to try and "reason" with the super mutants. Sadly 250 years of peace in a vault has left our wise old leader unable to defend himself when they kidnap him and open fire on you and your fellow citizens.

    Thankfully years of peace have given you the unique opportunity to train yourself with your other fellow vault citizens. You start shooting, and bag yourself a couple muties then 8 more come running it. Now all of a sudden someone activates the sentry bots and protectrons and you get to see some epic bot battles like you could never see anywhere else.

    In the end the super mutants retreat leaving everyone relieved for the time being, but everyone is uncertain with the loss of the overseer. They declare someone must travel outside of the vault to find and bring back the overseer, as if on cue, all eyes turn to you.

    And so your journey begins

    Typical plot progression from this point, make up whatever awesome idea you want about the cause of the massive influx of super mutants in the area. Sprinkle some truly open ended environments and game mechanics, spruce up the graphics, add lots of well made "dungeons" and follow up with an interesting epic about the fallout concept.

    In Fallout 4 the SPECIAL system is overhauled to properly reflect the balance of stats. Having a luck of 1 gives all enemies a 25% of scoring a critical hit against you, and having a luck of 10 reduces the critical chance to 1%. So at luck 5 there is a 6% chance. At 4 there is a 10%, at 3 there is a 15% chance, at 2 there is a 20% chance. Going upwards at 6 - 5%, 7 - 4%, 8 - 3%, 9 - 2%.

    This reflects a more interactive response from a gaming perspective. by making the idea of 5 being the neutral average, and above being better and below worse than, the overall experience of the game is changed.

    If you made a character and dumped everything into luck, you'd rarely get critical hit and as a result your limbs would not get crippled as often and your hp would go down in constant predictable rates allowing you to pace yourself better.

    Now turn it around and make a character with a luck of 1 and get into the same situations. You would be getting crippled limbs far more often and getting into situations where the amount of stimpacks you have is dwindling.

    Anyways, that's my million dollar opinion and idea. Bethesda feel free to contact me to write a script for you, I'll give it to you for free so long as you give me full credits.
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    Feb 7, 2009
    How does a level one PC fresh outta the Vault survive a Mutie attack? In previous games they were a challenge for even a Level 10 character.

    I find it unlikely that the player would even survive that attack, let alone kill "a few" mutants. And people would probably get ticked off when they were flying around like Bruce Lee popping mutants heads like pimples for the first 15 minutes of the game, only to get shanked in the stomach by a raider and die a slow and painful death as soon as that scripted intro sequence is over :/.

    The idea isn't bad though. Leave the vault, grab something and high-tail it back is a Fallout plot staple. The only problem is, once you do get back they're not liable to accept you back in.
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    Jan 25, 2005
    They could add an evil plot. If the vault does not accept you back....you can siege the vault and sell the prisoners to slavers. Or slaughter them all. Or even better...dip them.
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    Nov 17, 2008
    Now that would be awesome. First time ever the vault dweller has a chance to get back at them. A thought for FO4? lol...