post-apocalyptic action RPG, anyone interested?

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Im planning to start a new game project, this time a post-apocalyptic action RPG, a sort of Diablo in the near future, but with more RPG elements, not merely hack and slash (or should I say shoot and blow?). Currently Im in the "planning" stage and helping to develop the game engine, which will be ready for use in about 6-8 months.
    I have some experience with game development, my previous project was a 3d RPG, took me about 3 years, but reached playable state:, here is a video:

    Here you can see my current work on the scene editor for Lime engine:

    Im looking for is concept artists, UI artists and 3d artists to start preparing assets. If you are a coder with good OpenGL 3/D3D 11 expertise, you are welcome to join now, but as I said, I wont be writing code for a while. The idea is to make the game cross platform and open source, but the license could be dicussed later.