Post Apocalyptic Miniatures Kickstarter

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    Aug 29, 2012
    I apologize if this in the wrong place or if there is a ban on Kickstarter projects.

    I just realized I had not seen a thread here about this particularly Post Apoc themed Miniatures Kickstarter.

    Their pricing is a bit odd, but in general for $25 you get 4 "Core" miniatures.

    Then for each $6 you pledge above that you get your pick of those miniatures that get unlocked as goals are reached.

    There is now an option to get 10 picks for about a $5 saving (you get the core 4 and 10 picks, normally $85, now for $80) that also gets you any bonus "freebies" like if they reach $15K you will get a 3-pack of wormlings.

    They got a lot of goals to reach to unlock all the various miniatures (my personal hope is it break $50K as that's where the reckoners are (mutant priests).

    So if you are a fan of Post Apoc minis check them out.