Problem with Endocore's Alt-Miria Mod (RP233)

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    Apr 17, 2018
    Started a new game in Fallout 2 with following mods installed (in order of installation):
    1. Restoration Project 2.3.3 by killap
    2. Economy and Combat Rebalance Mod 0.6.2 by phobos2077
    3. Miria Mod v2 (for RP 2.3.2) by Endocore
    4. fo2tweaks by burn

    Followed instructions for each and restarted Steam. I play on a laptop with Windows 8.1 OS. Playing on Hard with Rough Combat Difficulty. Fog of War Enabled.

    I am a veteran and have logged over 600 hours playing Fallout 2 according to my Steam account. I decided to mix things up and challenge/reward myself by doing the "Navarro Run". Looted entire base and freed Xarn and K-9. Returned to San Francisco and gave Vertibird Plans to Brotherhood and Shi. Have not sided with The Dragon or Lo Pan yet, or started killing the Hubologists. Returned north to "resume" the game as it was intended to be played. Completed Klamath quests and got Sulik. Completed Den, got Vic, cleared Slaver Camp, and did Umbra Tribe quests.

    My problem happened in Modoc. Staying in Main Street area, I completed Grisham's quest to protect his Brahmin and I healed Bess. After doing those 2 things, I talked to Miria, making sure to pick the correct dialog choices so that she cannot help but sleep with your player character. My character wakes up in the morning in default Vault jumpsuit in Miria's room with Grisham near door and shotgun out. He asks what's going on and nothing else happens.

    Is some sort of dialog or event supposed to happen after Grisham finds my character in the act? I looked on the Fallout wiki Nukapedia and read I am supposed to have 8 Charisma (which I have). It also says that a dialog window opens with Grisham, but it never happens. I try talking to him and Miria but dialog does not work. My companions just stand there and do not move. When I try leaving Modoc and return, my companions return to normal but the town goes hostile and attack me on sight.
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    as for what happens:
    Grisham walks in the room and starts a converstion with you after wich you, Mira and Grisham are teleported to local church and forced wedding happens after wich Mira should become your companion

    As for Your mod setup I tend to remember some parts of Burn's fo2tweaks mod used to screw up the wedding sequence. I don't know wether Burn fixed it or not. also I'm not sure the Mira v2 mod is up to date with Rrestoration v2.3.3 & EcCo ask around the respective mod makers for information..