PS:T kicks ass

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    god damn fact not opinion.
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    Amen! n/t

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    How to make it better

    Hate those horribly long waits between each area? Tired of swapping CDs?

    Copy all of your CDs to a single director (or multiple ones) and change the paths in the torment.ini file. Then just leave Disc 2 in the drive for the CD check.

    I tell you it is *at least* 20 times faster loading and that is no exaggeration. Even the largest area (Lower Ward) takes only about five seconds to load.

    It improves the game SOOOOOOO much.

    If you want I can tell you how to make infinite cash in the game too, it's great when you replay the game after earning it the first or second times. Kill Black Albashi in the Hive for mega experience points, just remember Morte's Litany of Curses to make them not attack you (except him).


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    I wasn't gonna do the cd thing... (SPOILER for PS:T)

    But now that you said how much it improves loading speed, I guess I'm gonna do it.

    BTW, I was up to completing the quest for Ingress(Crazy running lady, doors, portals, etc.), when I went back to the starting building (4got name) and found a hell lot more of quests to do! At first I didn't notice (first time playing), but then I realized that each zombie worker was unique, each with a different quest 4 me to do.

    The reason I went back there is because I was curious about one of the memories of the Nameless One, the item inside zombie #42. Is the item inside zombie #42 The Nameless One's journal? That's the main reason I really went back. If not, what is it?
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    RE: I wasn't gonna do the cd thing... (SPOILER for PS:T)

    >But now that you said how
    >much it improves loading speed,
    >I guess I'm gonna do
    >BTW, I was up to completing
    >the quest for Ingress(Crazy running
    >lady, doors, portals, etc.), when
    >I went back to the
    >starting building (4got name) and
    >found a hell lot more
    >of quests to do! At
    >first I didn't notice (first
    >time playing), but then I
    >realized that each zombie worker
    >was unique, each with a
    >different quest 4 me to
    >The reason I went back there
    >is because I was curious
    >about one of the memories
    >of the Nameless One, the
    >item inside zombie #42. Is
    >the item inside zombie #42
    >The Nameless One's journal? That's
    >the main reason I really
    >went back. If not, what
    >is it?

    You'll see soon enough when playing. I'll tell you this much: the Nameless one's journal isn't somethin acquired early on.

    However here's a nice tip too: Go to the Ally of Dangerous Angles, either kill everyone in your way or pay the toll and go into the Cathedral (right side below top entrance. Then join Aoskar (or whatever his name is) and exit the alley. You'll think I screwed you over but I haven't... just play it out from there, it helps you out a lot.

    Oh yes: Remember you get bonuses at the seventh and twelveth levels. If you reach the twelveth level in the same class you received the bonus for the first, you get a SUPER bonus in that level.

    Therefore I'd suggest "majoring" in the Fighter class and ensure that you have eighteen character points in the strength ability (just 18, not anymore like 18/36, etc.) right before you get the twelveth level bonus. That way it will bump you directly up to 19 strength which is a skipping of three to four character points (to get to 19 normally you need to go to 18, then 18/33, then 18/66/ and then 19 or something like that, but each requires a character point).

    Also, you will want to get really high wisdom and constitution. Wisdom will give you extra experience points for what you kill (if you get 25, you get 125% the Exp of what you kill), and more constitution means more hit points for every level you earn. In addtion, artificial constitution character point raising will raise your max hit points you can get. It's a great way to buffer yourself until you naturally have good constitution.

    What NPCs do you have? Remember you can also talk to your NPCs as you can with anyone else. It is beneficial at times and it adds to the story. My favorite character is Morte, though most people prefer someone you haven't reached yet.


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    I chose another path for my character

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Dec-08-00 AT 09:51PM (GMT)[p]I put him all on intelligence and charisma.

    As for the Cathedral thing, I really wanna go by the whole game once to get the whole idea of it.

    Also you didn't answer my question on the memory of the Nameless One putting an item in zombie #42. Does anyone here know? If not, I'll have to post it in interplay's board.
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    RE: I chose another path for my character

    >I put him all on intelligence
    >and charisma.

    You'll want to invest in constitution and wisdom early on more than those two. With constitution you regenerate much faster (like 2 hp a second at 18) and earn more HP per level (you want to get as many as possible early on when you gain level quick). Wisdom gives you abou the same benefit as intelligence when it comes to dialogues but has the added benefit of giving you bonus experience points per incident/kill.

    Charisma doesn't matter as much because you can use a spell (friends) to improve it when you need it. Also many people aren't really affected by it a whole lot. Never give a copy to your teammates, they can't use it.

    Go with my advice and talk to Aoksar and then use two skill points to learn how to use the hammer from Periphon. It is GOOD and is great at killing Black Albashi (you need magical weapons).

    Have you helped Ingress?

    Try to stay Lawful Good throughout the game because there are some added benefits to it. Always tell the truth and don't agree or say anything chaotic. Also never ask for money (evil). And I never NEVER play (make it do fighting actions) with the Modron cube or talk to the Blade Doll (never buy it), NEVER, if you want Lawful good. It will drop your status SOOO quickly.

    >As for the Cathedral thing, I
    >really wanna go by the
    >whole game once to get
    >the whole idea of it.

    Well it is really rather a helpful tip. I'll let you figure out how to get out of it, but it does help give you a head start.

    >Also you didn't answer my question
    >on the memory of the
    >Nameless One putting an item
    >in zombie #42. Does anyone
    >here know? If not, I'll
    >have to post it in
    >interplay's board.

    No, it's not his journal. You won't find his journal for a long time.


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    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: I chose another path for my character

    >>Also you didn't answer my question
    >>on the memory of the
    >>Nameless One putting an item
    >>in zombie #42. Does anyone
    >>here know? If not, I'll
    >>have to post it in
    >>interplay's board.
    >No, it's not his journal.
    >You won't find his journal
    >for a long time.

    Actually, you have to find that zombie. A flashback will occur when you look at that zombie or something, then take it from there. It's in the dustie's cathedral.

    This redefines sucking ass...​
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    RE: I chose another path for my character

    Yea, Constitution and wisdom it is then. My charisma and intel. is upped to 20.

    I'll go with your advice and follow Aoksar, but won't I be hated by a lot of factions/people by going against the Lady?
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    Is the item worth getting?

    Cuz I'm in Ragpicker's Square, and I hate to hop 2 areas.

    Also, what's Dune? I only heard of the RTS game, not the original story/novel.
  11. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: Is the item worth getting?

    >Cuz I'm in Ragpicker's Square, and
    >I hate to hop 2

    It's in the same building as where you originally wake up in.

    >Also, what's Dune? I only heard
    >of the RTS game, not
    >the original story/novel.

    The book was excellent. The Lynch movie was a little 'off' the book, but it was still epic.
    "Dune 90210", the shitty Sci-Fi Channel's miniseries, just plain sucked ass.

    This redefines sucking ass...​
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    RE: Is the item worth getting?

    >Cuz I'm in Ragpicker's Square, and
    >I hate to hop 2

    It doesn't take that long, especially since you've copied the CDs to your hard drive.. you *did* do that right?


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    I went to the Morturary...

    and can't find zombie #42. On lvl 3, I picked up a note discussing zombie #42. It said he would walk in circles and stuff, that some necro messed up the raising of him. I looked back to the zombie where I regained my memory of him, but couldn't find him. I searched everywhere in all three levels of the Morturary. Damn...
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    RE: I went to the Morturary...

    >and can't find zombie #42. On
    >lvl 3, I picked up
    >a note discussing zombie #42.
    >It said he would walk
    >in circles and stuff, that
    >some necro messed up the
    >raising of him. I looked
    >back to the zombie where
    >I regained my memory of
    >him, but couldn't find him.
    >I searched everywhere in all
    >three levels of the Morturary.

    It's not a zombie, it's a skeleton. 3rd Floor.


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    Apr 3, 2003
  16. Adv0cate_6

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    k, back to the Mort. for the 5th time.....

    I also need your advice on more stuff.I'm always hard to make decisions 0_o.

    Should i follow the "Cranium Rat Collective"(in the catacombs after finding Pharod) or should I kill them all? By killing them all I got 30 rat tails, which will be good for something other than copper commons I'm thinking. By not killing them, the rat dude said I would get a reward for killing an unseen king was it?

    Also, is the only way to get a body from Morte through ripping a head out of a giant skel, or is there an incident that'll give him a body?
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    RE: k, back to the Mort. for the 5th time.....

    >I also need your advice on
    >more stuff.I'm always hard to
    >make decisions 0_o.
    >Should i follow the "Cranium Rat
    >Collective"(in the catacombs after finding
    >Pharod) or should I kill
    >them all? By killing them
    >all I got 30 rat
    >tails, which will be good
    >for something other than copper
    >commons I'm thinking. By not
    >killing them, the rat dude
    >said I would get a
    >reward for killing an unseen
    >king was it?
    >Also, is the only way to
    >get a body from Morte
    >through ripping a head out
    >of a giant skel, or
    >is there an incident that'll
    >give him a body?

    It is not worth working for the Cranium Rats, you get a sorry amount of Ex points and a memory which doesn't have much to do with the story (at all). Maybe do it just to read it, but don't follow that path. Have you already gone into the Dead Nations? Be sure to have learned "friends" so you can convince Stale Mary. I won't say any more on that.

    Oh yeah, you can't kill off the Cranium Rats. They are infinite in number. I've tried using Level 9 spells on Many as One (there are about three of them) and it didn't do anything.


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    Weird, I killed all the cranium rats in the collective. Maybe the respawn time in the collective room is longer.

    Is there any use for the cranium rat tails?
    Other than selling it for a few coppers.
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    RE: Ok

    >Weird, I killed all the cranium
    >rats in the collective. Maybe
    >the respawn time in the
    >collective room is longer.
    >Is there any use for the
    >cranium rat tails?
    >Other than selling it for a
    >few coppers.

    You didn't kill Many as One however. It is impossible to kill him. Hell when you try to take him out, two or so appear in the top areas of the Warrens of Thought and start launching spells at you.

    Cranium rat tails can be sold at the Vermin extermination place in the hive. They give you 1 copper but is a very slow process. I wouldn't bother, except when you have to get a knife back from a ghoul in the Dead Nations. Also, remember to kill all the ghouls in the area before the dead nations because they *never* ally you even if you're friends with the normal Dead guys. Also I think it makes the normal dead guys get angry at you when you do kill those ghouls.


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    Think that about covers it, i hope...

    BTW, i know the rat tails could be sold in the vermin ext. place in the Hive. I'm just wondering if there's any other use for it besides getting the knife, but I guess there isn't.