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    I've noticed on the boards that the game Wasteland comes up a lot.Is it a windows game?And where could I find a copy?
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    Wasteland is an old DOS game that many consider the prequel to Fallout. It’s available in
    “The Ultimate RPG Archives” from Interplay along with eleven other old DOS games.
    You might be able to find an individual copy on the net, but the game is pretty useless
    without the accompanying booklet of paragraphs. Besides the story, the system itself was
    revolutionary, and many concepts that are taken for granted today were introduced by
    Wasteland. And while you play Wasteland, you might notice many of the incidents and
    situations are similar to those later used in the Fallout series.
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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Dec-05-00 AT 11:55PM (GMT)[p]Ah, Fallout 'universe' - the brilliant ripoff of almost everything from games to books to comics to movies...

    Btw, even though paragraphs for Wasteland are hard to come by online, it's possible. I have a document, if you want it.


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    Wasteland was the first game i didn't hummm... "hack" on my C-64.
    YES i actually bought the game. I consider it as the mother of all Fallout. It's my fetish game i take it out once every couple of months to play with it.
    It does have it's own sequel it's called Fountain of dreams. Don't look for it it sucks big time.
    Wasteland came out circa 1988 it vga based and it took me about a month to finish the game the first time out (now i do it in less than half-a-day) Not bad for a game smaller than 200Kb

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