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    Aug 15, 2007
    I've already posted this over at GOG, but I think there's a few technical people over here who'd appreciate it too. It's an image and a sound file, each of which contains half of a gift code for a free game on GOG. It requires a bit of programming to solve, and, if you try and do it without the hints, probably around 3 hours of time is my best guess.

    No-one has admitted claiming the game yet, so afaik the code is still valid. I think everyone at GOG gave up before I started posting the hints. :P One person did claim to have solved the image half of the puzzle at least, but even so, maybe I should make it a little easier next time... With all the hints that are currently up it should be a half hour job at most to solve them both. So, yeah, free random game. :P