Rank NV companions from best to worst

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  1. plasticsoda

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    Mar 19, 2020
    I actually keep companions based on their personality and not on their skills, so my opnion on them is mostly based on player interactions and their quest story-lines

    1. Rose of Sharon Cassidy
    Cass for me is the best, her storyline is the most engaging to me and she has strong opnions on the mojave and its factions to the point where just listening to her talking is good, she is very well written and has tons of personality. Bonus points for not getting in the way on combat
    2. Veronica
    Again, just a well written character that is nice to have around, I love to hear her insights about the mojave from a BoS perspective.
    3. Raul
    Raul has the most tragic story of them all and seeing him in the old Vaquero armor is just awesome, also he is voice by Danny ''Machete'' Trejo
    4. Arcade Gannon
    Never cared much about him in any of my playtroughs but I always finish his quest because of the Enclave storyline, its sad to see whats left of a once so powerful faction
    5. Lily
    I like her and her quest is fun to do, shes not among Lou Tenant or Marcus on the most memorable super mutants tho
    6. Fat Fuck Boone
    ''boo hoo my wife is dead'' get a fucking life you nerd, I'm sure she staged the whole ''sold to legion'' thing to get away from you you fucking rascal

    But yeah, all companions are great and its just a matter of taste, except for boone he can fuck off and die
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    Apr 7, 2017
    You just dissed me boy Boone, this will not stand. I want a duel at sundown, each person brings a 1800s handgun.
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  3. HydroFlame

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    Dec 5, 2018
    1. ED-E. His upgrades you find in Lonesome Road and after his companion quest make him the best for my play style. His mobile workbench, ability to craft energy weapon ammo (which is what I use 99% of the time), and ability to repair weapons make him super useful for me. Oh, and he doesn't talk.

    2. Boone. Shoots the Legion on site. Enough said.

    3. Arcade. His companion quest is my favorite and he just grew on me. It sucks that his ending is not good if you choose to convince him to fight alongside the remnants. You can also get his power armor, which is the best in the game from what I've come across.

    4. Raul. Actually using him for the first time on this playthrough and I like this ghoul. I knew he exsisted before, I just never got around to wandering with him. Also seems to have a decent perk.

    5. Veronica. I like her personality. I'm not much of a fan of the Brotherhood, so I had her leave them. She is a melee companion, which I am not, so she's good for running ahead and smacking a few enemies down. Her mobile workbench is nullifed by ED-E. I have no idea how well she is with a gun because I have never had her use one.

    6. Cass. She would have been above Veronica, but her intital perk is absolutely useless. I sell all the alcohol I get.

    7. Rex. He's a robot dog and I think that's cool, but he can't use ranged attacks and making that long trek to Jacobstown to get him a brain was tedious. Fuck that quest.

    8. Lily. Have only used her during that nightstalker quest so can't really say much.
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    Mar 19, 2020

    meet me at goodsprings at high noon
  5. plasticsoda

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    Mar 19, 2020
    forgot to post about non-human companions but ED-E clearly gets the prize, rex has nothing going on for him except being cyborg dogmeat
  6. Atomic Postman

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    Mar 16, 2013
    1. ED-E - Great design. Great backstory. A unique and memorable take on the "Wandering adventurer with a loyal pet" rather than doing Dogmeat again. Very Fallout. I use them in basically every playthrough
    2. Veronica - I love the Mojave Brotherhood and their storyline, and Veronica is the lynchpin in the interesting tale of the Brotherhood and its ideology. Her personal story is great and the choice of what to do with her is actually difficult. Her ties to Elijah and Christine make her feel important. Plus, I like her dialogue and the idea of a Brotherhood Scribe travelling around in monk robes with a power fist is great.
    3. Cass - Hotheaded asshole cowgirl with a heart of gold, legendary parentage and a quest for vengeance, 'nuff said.
    4. Arcade - Whilst his witticisms do tire on me somewhat, he has a strong personality and a moral backbone. I adore the Nazis in Argentina storyline of the Enclave remnants. Plus having a follower that genuinely reps anarchy/independence is neat.
    5. Lily - Great concept and fun visual, little bit underbaked/simplistic in execution
    6. Rex - Same as above
    7. Raul - Whether he is higher on the ranking or lower depends on the day. I change my mind a lot about Raul. At times I find him a fun sidekick for the Courier, other times I find him boring or outright annoying
    8. Boone - NCR soldier who participated in a Wounded Knee style war crime and can't escape it, and also had to mercy kill his enslaved wife. That's a solid backstory. Shame the execution is so absolutely wooden and deeply uninteresting to me. Gameplay and visual wise, I'm already "Man with gun" as are most road warriors of the Mojave. So "Man with hunting rifle in stained t-shirt" doesn't really tick any boxes for me in terms of engagement.
  7. Ugly Kid

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    May 9, 2018
    1. Raul - I think he is just a cool guy, he's kind of an asshole sometimes but he's very humble and makes me laugh every now and then. Plus, his epic costume is epic.
    2. ED-E - Not much to say honestly, he's cute, he becomes the Courier's permanent follower, and he get's 6 upgrades, how can you dislike him?
    3. Lily - I don't know why I like Lily so much, I think's because when I was an absolute cretin who only played F4, I like super mutants and would just side with any super mutant I found. Now that I strongly dislike Bethesda Fallout, I just think Lily is very sweet and she makes me smile.
    4. Veronica - She makes me laugh sometimes, and I can't help but feel like she acts like someone I'm fond of in real life, I don't know who though.
    5. Rex - Dog, cute.
    6. Arcade - Yes, he's low on list. No, I don't dislike him. He's just that one companion I didn't get around to hanging out with until a while after I started playing New Vegas. He's funny, he was apart of the Enclave, he's interesting all around, but I just haven't spent enough time with him, and he disappears after being nice to him.
    7. Cassidy - Like Arcade, I don't dislike her, She just doesn't appeal to me that much. I just don't have much fun while doing her companion quest, and she'd probably be mean to me if she was real because I don't like alcohol.
    8. Boone - I know everyone loves Boone, again, I don't dislike this companion. I just don't ever hang out with Boone because I like to stick to the companions that I know I like.