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  1. John B.

    John B. Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Sep 24, 2010
    Who:Inmate 307-Q
    when:October 19th 2077 04:00

    307's freedom was in sight he was only eighty yards from the fence, if he could just get over the electrified fence, he could fade into the background, never to be seen again, but as he neared the fence, there was a loud bang and 307 fell to the ground, beginning to bleed out on the spot, in the distance, he could hear the warden cackling like a wild maniac. "woo-wee, taint lookin' to pretty now are yah 307?" the warden hopped out of his truck, reset the bolt on his M1903. The warden was a tall sinister man, who took far to much pleasure in torchering the inmates, he smashed his foot into 307's back, pushing 307's face into the dirt, and contaminating the wound. "watcha got ta say for yer self" the warden said with a grin wide across his face, as he pushed his the tip of his shoe into the wound on 307's back "go to hell you sick son of a bi-" Another shot went off lodging a bullet into 307's left leg, and stopping him mid-sentence "yah should know by now t'at I don't like that kind of language 307, how would your little son feel if he herd his daddy talking like that, now you get up, and WALK back to the complex, before I shoot you again, and I MIGHT just have the medical staff look at your little predicament." the warden waited for a good few minuets for 307 to stand. "you shot my leg, I CAN'T stand", the warden had been waiting for this moment, "Jake contact 307's family about his funeral arrangements" 307 yelled at the warden "you wouldn't I have a son you sick bas-" a single bullet lodged into 307's skull ending his life, 307 was hauled back into the truck, wich headed back towards the complex, a man just outside the fence who was waiting for 307, just stood in shock.
  2. John B.

    John B. Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Sep 24, 2010
    Gadget makes a weapon
    (posted by Dave ball on the ongoing worlds version of this forum)

    Who: Gadget
    Where: Prison cell
    When: A few days after he was transferred to the prison

    Gadget sat quietly in his prison cell, staring at the wall intensely.

    Not even the knock on the metal prison cell door made him stir. He didn't even blink.
    The Warden, Tohmas Micheals entered the cell with an air of bravado about him as if he owned the place. This usually caused inmates to cower into a corner or stand to attention. But Gadget didn't budge.

    “Prisoner 109!” The warden called, but Gadget didn't move. His eyes remained fixed on the wall in front of him.
    “Hey!” Michaels shouted. “Are you thick or something? I shouted your name.”

    Michaels walked right up to the prisoner, with guard stood behind him in full body armor. Gadget's eye moved slowly, focusing on the guard. He was wearing Red Raven Power armor, it was tough, but Gadget noticed his hands, which were only covered in leather gloves.

    “Prisoner 109!” The warned shouted again. “You've been transferred here from the railroad work-camp, and I've just been on the radio with the commissioner there.”
    Gadget moved his head slowly, so that it pivoted on his neck. He fixed his eyes on the Warden. This unnerved Michaels slightly but he continued.
    “They said they've had some items go missing, a steam gauge assembly, some railway spikes and a fission battery, do you know anything about that?”
    He moved his face closer to Gadget's. “Eh?”

    Gadget said nothing.

    “Also since you've been here we've had some items go missing, a pressure cooker from the kitchen and a crutch from the medical unit. You wouldn't know anything about those would you?”
    Gadget paused for three seconds. It was when Micheals turned back to look at the other guard when he made his move.

    He was fast. He reached under his bunk and brought out the weapon, quickly activating it. The steam assembly kicked into action quickly creating pressure inside the device. He rolled over his shoulder to the other side of the room, where he used a wardrobe for cover. The machine whistled like a steam train and Gadget knew it was ready to use, he fired at the guard by the door, who had only just noticed the weapon.

    A railway spike was shot out of the gun at high speed. It flew straight past Tohmas Micheals and hit the guard in the hand, pinning it to the wall. He screamed, and Tohmas looked from him back to Gadget, who was aiming the armed Railway Rifle straight at him.

    tick tock
    (posted by me, John B, on the ongoing worlds version of this forum)Who: warden and inmate 109
    When:after the gun was pointed towars him
    Where: 109's sell floor H

    109 aimed the improvised weapon at the warden, he looked the man straight in the eyes, and said "boy, watcha think you're goin to accomplish by shooting me? gonna be some sorta hero? think you can make it through eight floors of guards, and out to the surface? think whatever hell-hole you crawled out from is gonna take your sorry ass back? You have no life outside of this prison, you are NOTHING without this prison, the world you knew is as good as dead son, you're in MY world now, an there's no escape, jus' look what happened to your ol neighbor 307, dead as a doornail, now you want the same thing to happen to you, or are you gonna wise up put the gun down and drop to the floor, so my associates can take your little toy from you?" the warden stood in the spot, hand on the button that would call the red ravens to his aid. "tick tock 109, tick tock"

    Who: the red ravens
    When: A few minuets earlier
    Where: red raven break room

    The room was huge, there were pinball tables, nuka-cola machines (carrying new flavors, such as Ice, and hot nuka, as well as cherry, and quantum) and a rather large computer with. Jake was fifty points from breaking the high score on the hotdoggin pinball machine, he had bought it for the break-room himself, and wasn't about to let Peterson keep the high-score on HIS machine just as he was about to beat the high-score, the sirens started to blare, and the break room switched into something straight out of a scifi film, the pinball slid into the wall, to be replaced by footlockers the nuka machines flipped into gun cabinets, and the computer into a rack containing the red ravens powered armor. The team quickly suited up, and rushed down the hall everyone silent, except to say which floor they were going to, tom rushed ahead.

    The Alpha Wolf
    (posted by smandy on the ongoing worlds version of this forum)

    Who: Isra, Tohmas, Gadget, Jake
    Where: Prison Cells
    When: October 19th, 2077, 0804 - just after the incident with Gadget

    The railroad spike passed through the cells bars without even catching them, and pinned a guard against the wall. Isra could see this from her cell, just a short way down the corridor. She snickered as she saw Jake Michaels pinned against the wall like an ornament.

    "It's as much your prison as it is mine!" Isra growled through the bars towards the group. "Gadget, leave them alone. You'll need something more powerful than a spike-cannon to get out of here." she said, leaning as far as she could towards the bars, to make sure she could be heard properly.

    "And as for you, warden. You won't have any inmates to look after if you keep threatening to kill us. Just let me handle that side of it." she said, with a grin. Not many of the inmates had the strength of will to go up against her, even if they had the physical strength to manage it.

    "How far did that idiot get before you fed him to the daisies?" Isra asked.
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