Redcoat uniforms in the early US Army.

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    Apr 8, 2012
    Yet another threat INDRECTLY related to Fallout 4. Military uniforms of the early US Army and the Minutemen.
    And i've found this...

    Much to my surprise! remember that in Fallout 4 there's Museum of Freedom located in Concord. inside there is an exhibit room of American Revolution war featuring British Army... (Redcoats), and the Continental Army (The Revolutionary 'true' army modelled after any European powers and fought much the same way as any European armies of the time)... Both wore the similarly designed uniforms, even with similar designs of tricornes (transitional designs that eventually became Bicornes (a symbol of Napoleonic Wars... and also the War of 1812 where Boston was a staging ground once again) ... suggested that these are a generic Line Infantry.. through the Brits also have Fusiliers and Grenadiers (Both wore Bearskin caps that are a predecessor to Shakos wore in 1812).. Interesting enough that there's one unit that fought in 1812 .. that dressed like British Fusiliers of the Revolutionary war.!

    Is this picture above correct? And did Minutemen still exists by 1812?