Rock, Paper, Shotgun previews Wasteland 2

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    Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Nathan Grayson has a preview of Wasteland 2, based on what he saw at inXile's offices. Read ahead for an excerpt:<blockquote>And so, we set off. Our first stop: a prison in Arizona that once served as Wasteland 1′s Ranger Citadel. Long since abandoned, it instead played host to all sorts of greedy gangs. Naturally, one, the Red Skorpion Militia, wanted to “tax” our intrepid four-person law enforcement party for, er, carrying guns, because… look this is a robbery, alright? Do they really need a good reason? Combat followed shortly thereafter. Without missing a beat, the world went turn-based – just like in the ’90s, before seamlessly flowing time was invented. At its most basic, the quick, painfully lopsided skirmish played out like a very simple XCOM battle, except with less cover and even more overpowered sniper rifles. Colored grid regions indicated range (green = very little chance of missing, yellow = mid-range, red = long shot) and it wasn’t long before the bandits had a change of heart and politely died. It was, however, extremely basic. Almost worrisomely so.

    For combat, however, that is only the very, very, very, very, very, very, very tip of the iceberg. The opening areas mostly consisted of melee enemies and flat lands without even the thinnest slabs of cover to hide their shame, but complexity emerged in fairly short order. I witnessed another, still very unfinished area with plenty of cover and enemies that flanked, sniped, and generally proved quite adept at making dangerously fatal nuisances of themselves. That, said inXile, is actually just the baseline.

    “We wanted to make sure that we were able to craft encounters,” explained project lead Chris Keenan. “A lot of the RPGs that we were playing, they had a basic AI set on them, and they just did that. Run to player, shoot, generally stand back this far. We want to try to make sure that we’re getting interesting behaviors with these guys as far as flanking opportunities that they can see. Actively using height to their advantage. Working in groups. Sending two guys around one way and one guy around the other way.”

    “There’s plenty of cover in the game, but it doesn’t feel manufactured,” added Fargo. “It feels more natural, like part of the environment. There are areas where there’s no cover and areas where there’s lots of cover. We’ll take that into account as we balance the game. We may give you a lot more enemies in areas where there’s a lot of cover, behind the scenes. Or there’s going to be snipers up on the roof, because we deal with height and distance as well, thanks to a modified Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes rule set – kind of like the original Wasteland. So that might affect where we could make cover available.”

    “Another part of this, too, is that while you’re in combat there, you can still use your [typically non-combat-related] skills,” said Keenan. “If there were locked doors over on this side, you could drop bombs and use demolition skills. You could go unlock an area, which might take you to a little corridor that takes you up a ladder, and now you have a nice position behind another guy who’s up on the roof shooting down at you. He doesn’t notice you behind him.”</blockquote>
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    A joke, I hope.
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    The whole article has a very jokey tone, that's obviously a joke.
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    if my memory is correct, flowing time is already invented before 90s. like this
    but it isn't ideal system for RPG though.
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    Fo course not. Don't you remember, in the 90's? You got into a bar brawl and everyone patiently waited to be hit until it was their turn to hit someone.
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    That's how it looked like in the movies.
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    Then the Matrix invented Real Time with pause and everything just got weird.
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    Come to think of it, Van Damme movies made a strong case for turn-based fighting.
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    so he or she likes jagged aliance back in action than 2?
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    Am I reading this wrong? It reads to me like the writer is implying that Wasteland is InXile's take on Fallout. o_O

    Oh man. I loved MSPE. One of the most under-rated pen-n-paper RPGs ever.

    I can't wait to play this game. :mrgreen:
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    That's not what he's saying. He's saying that the areas aren't as open to free roam as in Fallout 3, and specifically excluding the other Fallout games from the comparison.
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    Ah, ok. I see. He perhaps could've worded that a little better. :P
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    I dunno-- Because the comparison between the original two Fallout games and Wasteland is a lot easier to make since Fallout is a spiritual successor to Wasteland and WL2 seems to be taking what Fargo and Friends learned from Fallout to heart. Things like the camera angle and combat system do seem to be an extension of that. So when comparing Wasteland 2 to a Fallout game you kinda need to be particular.
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    I don't think his comparison really makes sense, because these are two totally different game systems. Bethesda's games don't really have 'locations', it is all continuous, whereas the old Fallouts had world map travelling with random encounters. I assume that Wasteland 2 will do something similar to that. It's not less free roaming at all, it's just handled differently. I've wondered for a while now if Bethesda should abandon the continuous world thing for Fallout games and go back to something more similar to the originals in that regard. They could have specific locations, world map travelling, and then procedural environments for random encounters. It would make the world feel a whole lot bigger. Not going to happen, of course.
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    Actually Fallout itself was kind of remake of Wasteland.
    and fo3 is just minor copy of Fo1,2 and oblivion.
    Comparing WL2 and fo3? meaningless.
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    He is just telling us that the game has very open maps but it's not a 3D hiking simulator just to clarify to people that may not be familiar with Wasteland 2 considering the similar topics, some of you people take stuff way too seriously, or just don't know how to read.
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    I didn't read the article because it gives away more than I want to know, but I'm going to LA later this fall. Maybe I'll make a visit to China Kitchen.
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    Haven't been following the development closely, but the previews look very promising so far.

    I do wonder how the skills work though, they almost make it sound like it's something you obtain once rather than upgrade systematically. Makes me wonder how all this will work.
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    meh, i always liked subway myself.

    you could visit citi donut though, that might be interesting.