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    The rules, while remaining mostly the same, were given a much needed update (patching them up with even more posts seemed silly). So here they go:

    (The fallowing is taken from Gunslinger's, Whelsh's posts and mine. But rearranged on a single post and updated in general.)

    Welcome to the Roleplaying Board. This board is currently moderated by Gonzalez. Welsh, RavenJeanGraves and Mr. Handy we miss you and hope you can return one day, I'll try to keep your seats warm.

    So, here’s a general outline of the rules:

    1. Post your character in the Characters thread. Follow the general outline of a traditional character sheet. It should at least include name, gender, and physical attributes. Inventory and personality description is up to you. Try to keep character’s location vague as the setting of any RPG may be different.

    2. When joining a pre-existing RPG, please ask permission to join before introducing your character. Cooperate with the RPG’s creators and players to get a feel of the setting and to see if your character would fit in.

    3. When written into an RPG, please try to stay with it. Joining an RPG is not like an open-ended contract, but it still takes a level of commitment. If you join an RPG and just leave a few days later, it causes plot holes. Some RPG’s have implemented rules in which a character may be killed off if a post is not made in a certain amount of days.

    4. When starting an RPG, make two threads. One for OOC or “Out Of Character” posts which will include discussion about the RPG and one for IC or “In Character” posts which will be the actual playing. The OOC thread will allow your players to coordinate and have discussions. The IC thread should generally be clean and contain only IC posts.

    5. For necessity’s sake, the creator of the RPG will be considered the leader. Thus, it will be the creator’s responsibility to lead the other players in their story. As the leader, a thread on your RPG’s setting and other pertinent information should be available.

    6. The only truly ban-able (now also strike-able) offense in this board is being difficult. “Being difficult” includes (but is not limited to): introducing your character into a story without permission, disregarding what other player’s say, making a mess, etc. Basically, anything that inhibits the enjoyment of the other players. It is up to the RPG’s creator to decide of a particular player is “being difficult”, in which case they may either take it up with the offender or ask the moderators for assistance.

    7. As in all other boards, spamming and flaming will be regulated. If any of the moderators sees such activity going around (and it does not have a correlation with role-playing), they will either delete it on the spot or alter it so that the poster will sound stupid.

    8. This is an RPG board for role-playing, which is almost similar to a cooperative novel. Tabletop RPG systems (such as dice rolls, combat system, etc.) may also be implemented if possible. However, this is not a board for sexual role-playing. There are plenty of adult chat rooms for that. Nor is this board for discussion of PC role-playing games (such as Diablo, Fallout, Baldur’s Gates, etc), neither for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPG's. For computer RPG's and MMORPG's there is already a General Gaming and Hardware board in another section of the forum.

    9. To avoid annoying gravedigging that has proven to be a problem in the past, expect all IC threads and threads in general that are not stickies to be closed after they have been dead for a while, this will help avoid the problem and maintain some order for the games that are currently being played.

    10. Use common sense. We cannot make a rule for every single situation or eventuality, so use your deductive cappabilities to see what's the best course of action you should take. Like my old drill instructor used to say "If you feel like it's wrong, then it's probably wrong".

    And, general rules of etiquette that should be followed:

    Rules of etiquette 1. Players will endeavor to write well or to the best of their ability. They should be mindful of story and story progress. They should try to post consistent with past story lines, thereby avoiding inconsistency with plot developments.

    Rules of etiquette 2. Players will try to get along with others. Cooperation is generally required for good RPG. Players should try to PM each other, should listen to each other's concerns, shall be mindful of each other's characters and behaviors.

    Rule of etiquette 3. When joining a story, players will try to get to know the story. Read past posts, go over summaries, review the OOC. Players should not jump into a story with any expectations but should know the story as it has evolved.

    Rule of etiquette 4. Take the initiative. These are your stories and your characters. While being mindful of each other, don't wait for things to happen. Make things happen. There are an infinite number of reasons that players might not post. Good stories have plots that are not contingent so much on characters but writing. Write as much as you want and take the stories where they have to go.

    Rule of Etiquette 5- Be nice. Be friendly. Edit when you must, forgive frequently. This is just having fun folks, so let's try to enjoy ourselves.

    Rule of Etiquette 6 - Before you start, make sure you are committed. If you don't plan to stick with it, don't start it. There are roleplays that are open for those who only want to make a few posts than quit. There are other roleplays that are more serious.
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