Fallout 2 mod SCP - Standard Crafting Panel

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    SCP - Standard Crafting Panel

    After small break I come back to modding f2. This time I created mod that implements crafting into the game. Most of the core items should be available (in future if necessary I could add few more). Right now let's say mod is in beta phase. If I could ask you all to play around a bit with it and give me balance feedback or some fresh ideas it would be great.:)

    You can play around with items parameters in .ini file.

    The core mechanic of the mod is based on new added mats required for crafting and dismantling items and required skills (repair, science, outdoorsman etc). With increased skill after dismantling player will receive more mats and also required less to craft new things.

    There will be also feature to upgrade items to mk2 (if exist), but right now everything can be crafted.

    For testing I also added a small cheat for mats and testing - but feel free not to use it, so you can get grip on balancing.

    I also think about adding early in the game a small quest for finding core crafting tool - but we will see how it'll go.

    Also you have all the ssl and dev files if you want to play with them/or look into code to break my spirit ;)



    Hope you enjoy it and as always any feedback is priceless,


    Edit: I added some screenshots.
    PS. grail.int horn.int panda.int (as well as 597,598,599 pro files) are dummy files from my other mods. I'm trying to figure out how to make multiple mods works together and independent in the same time. ;/

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    Any screenshots?

    Out of curiosity, why did you decompile arvillag.int? The raw sources are available - either via the BIS mapper, or updated from the Restoration Project (no idea if the RP changes arvillag). There is no need to use a cluttered up script that nobody can read without going nuts.
  3. Kamos5

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    May 21, 2019
    I knew I forgot about something :/ I will provide ss as soon as I can :) As for arvillag it's temporary solution. I didn't want to fight with the code before weekend. In future versions I will remove few lines of code that adds crafting terminal to inventory after temple of trials. As I said, to be more lore friendly there will be quest but right now it's to much mustle - please image it's not there. :)
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    You just needed to take the mr.Fixit v1.2 mod and base your craft on it, and not invent another bike.
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  5. Kamos5

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    May 21, 2019
    Thanks I will check it out since you show it to me - early on I was looking throught forum and other sources but I didn't found anything comparable. It's always good to know how other people did the same idea and maybe I will learn something more about sfall.:) This mods general purpose was to give a player better inventory management and free him from draging tons of useless stuff in equipment and not rely on quasi linear item progression in base f2.