Should there be Empire Building 'Fallout 4X' ?

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    May 30, 2024
    Since Fallout 4 has settlement building features (which I love it so much, and it should be expanded further particularly dealing with Sanctuary Hills reconstructions. to the point of removing ruined buildings entirely and with evenmore various wall texturings like either Medieval Castles, 18th Century housings and more.) Should Bethesda expands Fallout Franchise into 4X domain where player must rebuild an entire civilization as a faction leader rather than a wasteland questor.

    So far only mods of 4X games exist, this included ones for Civilization 3. one that uses Black Isle era graphic materials. and ones for Hearts of Iron. one that even permit player to play as Enclave and even has a choice to reform them into Wastelander's pleasing choice. something Obsidian might do to them (as per New Vegas, where Courier can find all five survivors and reunite them one last time into Second Battle of Hoover Dam) if Betty gives them one more opportunity to do their Fallout Gaiden game.