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    I'm having withdrawls waiting for Fallout 3, and am looking for something similar to play in the meantime. Someone on another board suggested Odium, but that game is pretty much a joke.

    Any one know of another game with a Fallout-type engine (not like Baldurs or Planescape)
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    Unless your looking for REALLY old games I don't think you will find much. Fallout is one of a kind that is just awesome. Odium is a fun game, but only if you aren't looking for good physics and like chess.

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    This game should have a very similar feel to Fallout. The only problem is, it's not out yet.
  4. depand on

    it's depand on what kind rpg you like to play:
    There isn't any rpg that really really like fallout now, but some may used the same sysstem such combat (tb-combat, x-com type) like jagged alliance II, is role playing strategy...though it's strategy is more dominant then rpg element in it.

    Or maybe seppetera core, it's future setting rpg, but it's more like adventure to me, and it's not so good for people who like non-linear rpg like fallout, but it's a fine game, i think it's better then odium.

    Another game i bought is ravenant. There isn't anything new on this game axcept it's combat system, it's very fun and enjoying, but other then that is just another fine game.

    mmm...i don't know other game that better then that right now...owww...wait, i played nox as well, it's much like diablo but it's not in dungeon. It's an action rpg.

    mmm...well i think that's it for now.
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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Mar-19-00 AT 10:56PM (GMT)[p]Revenant pretty much sucked. But the best RPG out there is Diablo. It's not like Fallout but it is a hell of a lot of fun. I suggest just waiting for Fallout 3 if you like Fallout type games. Odium is the closest to Fallout right now but no where close to Fallout in fun and revolutionary. I am ever so waiting for Diablo II which is gonna make all other games rot on the shelves. Diablo II is going to be the greatest game and RPG ever and it's the way to go. Either that or go Warcraft III. It's supposed to be RPG strategy and very cool looking. If it's story and involvement you want, look to Blizzard for the games.

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    Are you kidding?!?!

    Diablo is one of the most boring "RPG"s there is. All you do is go on so-called "missions" where the whole purpose is to kill some bad boss. No plot depth, just killing. It's just a hack and slash game. I almost don't consider Diablo even an "RPG" but rather a hack-and-slash game with stats.

    Fallout on the other hand, quite the opposite.


    >Revenant pretty much sucked. But the
    >best RPG out there is
    >Diablo. It's not like Fallout
    >but it is a hell
    >of a lot of fun.
    >I suggest just waiting for
    >Fallout 3 if you like
    >Fallout type games. Odium is
    >the closest to Fallout right
    >now but no where close
    >to Fallout in fun and
    >revolutionary. I am ever so
    >waiting for Diablo II which
    >is gonna make all other
    >games rot on the shelves.
    >Diablo II is going to
    >be the greatest game and
    >RPG ever and it's the
    >way to go. Either that
    >or go Warcraft III. It's
    >supposed to be RPG strategy
    >and very cool looking. If
    >it's story and involvement you
    >want, look to Blizzard for
    >the games.

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    RE: Are you kidding?!?!

    "Ignorance is acceptable. Stupidity is not." That is a paradox for your situation becvause you are obviously blind and stupid. You must not have looked at the Diablo storyline. But then again it is an underlying storyline and probably too complicated for you to understand. You must be in that 1% of people against Diablo. Come join our side. It'll get you somewhere. Seeya!

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    Ignorance is acceptable. Stupidity is not.

    >"Ignorance is acceptable. Stupidity is not."
    >That is a paradox for
    >your situation becvause you are
    >obviously blind and stupid. You
    >must not have looked at
    >the Diablo storyline. But then
    >again it is an underlying
    >storyline and probably too complicated
    >for you to understand.
    >You must be in that
    >1% of people against Diablo.
    >Come join our side. It'll
    >get you somewhere. Seeya!

    Okay I was wrong, there are TWO things you do in Diablo: Kill things and acquire items for yourself or other people. BIG WOW.

    Take a look at every "mission" in Diablo and look at how simple-minded they are. "Go here and kill this guy" "Go there and grab this object." Pointless.

    Diablo may make a good multiplayer RPG, no wait, it isn't, the game is filled with lamers, cheaters, and bugs, and rates almost as low as UO.

    Here's a link to the entire "plot" of Diablo ( Judge for yourself, is that plot sophisticated at all?

    Can you be evil? Can you design your own character? Is the character dynamic? CAN he be dynamic? Is the plot linear? Can you make it through most of the game without even hurting anyone? Are there any real NPCs? How the hell does so much go on within a tiny cathedral? How many cities does Diablo have? Can you just kill anyone?

    Slim pickings for Diablo.

    I guess simple-minded persons may rate the game as "best RPG," but to those who want a game with more than a linear hack and slash "RPG," we prefer a better game.

    Where do you fit in? What would you rather have?

    Do you also believe in FOOL?

    Take a good look at the image below and the quote at the top of this message once again.


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