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  1. Kneller

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    Dec 12, 2019
    I've decided to take yet another run through this game. I've done this game before with a full party, and have soloed it plenty as well. I've never done with a half-party, though (3-4 members, including the Warrior). I've been scanning through the forums, and don't see any posts about this.

    Side note, one rule that I play with is I don't save perks (i.e. let them bank until level 12 then start getting the "good" perks). I might occasionally hold a perk for a level or two for something specific, but by the time I get my next perk, my prior perk is definitely spent.

    My play style is definitely sneak oriented. I like setting up ambushes and coming up with ways to control the map

    My main motivation is that my current party of 6 is a little unwieldy to set up and maneuver around the map. I pretty much have everyone paired up by role and use them as such. I'd have more fun with 3-4.

    Anyways, I'm trying to develop a strategy for this. With 6 members, I'd do 2 close quarter/big guns characters, 2 mid range (eventually EW characters), and 2 snipers. Then, for non-combat skills, I'd spread it out based on base skill levels and intelligence/skill points. I suppose with 3 I would just do one of each. I'm not sure how I would split 4, though. Likely just one sniper, but then do I want 2 CQ fighters and 1 mid-range/EW or 1 CQ/Big Guns and two mid-range/EW?

    And who would I even pick (also, how would I build the Warrior based on this)? One thought that I had was that I would do a Stitch/Farsight run and no other recruits. I think it would be a challenge to make Stitch good and Farsight is just a more challenged Mandy. But that didn't grab me much and I see myself leaning more towards 4 than 3.

    I can think of a few alternatives here, but nothing has struck me as "yeah, this would be a solid next run". I know this game is old news and it's probably rare that anybody even comes to these forums, but I thought I'd throw this out there on the off chance that I can get some feedback.
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    Oct 19, 2006
    My memory of the combats is too rusty, but wasn't a trap oriented character a viable option ?
    I remember seeing a lot of mines lying around that you could use to your own benefit.
  3. Kneller

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    Dec 12, 2019
    There are a couple with traps, but I figure I can just have it be one of the skills a high int character (with extra skill points) bumps. And then there's the books.

    I'm still considering a Warrior/Farsight/Stitch only run (though I'm not sure how to develop them), but If I could come up with a good four person squad concept, I'd run with that, too.
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