Fallout 2 utility [SOLVED] Critter .pro Saving Incorrectly

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    Sep 12, 2016

    I'm working in the FO2 Mapper, and I've created a proto for a new NPC. I fill out the details, and I can place it, save and load a map containing it, all that. However, when I restart the mapper, it forgets both the name and the description. I've tried making the .pro read-only between saving the file and re-loading the mapper, I'm quite certain I've got all the setup completed, such as setting librarian to 1, and creating the proto folder in C:/fallout2/dev/... so I've got no idea why it's forgetting this. Looking at the .txt version of the proto saved in C:/fallout2/dev/..., it saves the name, however there's no description field. Any help would be much appreciated.

    EDIT: Tried looking at the file through FUCK! and I get an error, "Error reading pro_crit.msg!" that I don't get on the actual FO2 protos.

    EDIT 2: Copied the pro_crit.msg to the Fallout 2 data folder, and added the proto entry, it's working fine now. It's also adding new entries as necessary. Keeping this post up in case anyone else encounters a similar problem.

    Thank you.
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