Fallout 2 utility [SOLVED] Fallout 2 Mapper Lag

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    Sep 12, 2016

    I've just recently opened up the mapper again to find that it's lagging considerably. I hadn't made any changes to the .cfgs or .inis between the last use and this one, I'd just made a new scenery item (a door, specifically), which was a process that had never caused me any trouble like this before and shouldn't be related regardless. I've tried re-installing the mapper and all the patches (F49+, and the Hi-res patch), and it hasn't made a difference. You can see the (probably) appropriate files here (the .inis and .cfgs for Fallout 2 and the mapper):
    The problem is almost certainly not processing power, as I am running a fairly powerful computer, and of course, the mapper has worked fine previously. The screen is 1080p @ 60Hz, if that's going to be important. Any help would be much appreciated.

    EDIT: Now that I think about it, I did plug in an extended display with 1080p @ 60Hz and ran mapper, and that is when the problem started. However, I would expect a reinstall to fix any issues caused with that.

    EDIT 2: I forgot to install the latest version of sfall when reinstalling everything.

    Thank you.
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