St. Louis mission help!!!

Discussion in 'Fallout Tactics Help & Tech' started by Guest, Sep 6, 2002.

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    Hello, I have finished everthing and picked up the team and have taken them to the extraction point (area 4) but nothing happens???
    There are no mutants in engagement range.

    What am I supposed to do now? The soldiers do not get out of the APC

    Is it a bug? I have version 1.27
  2. fefs

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    Are all your team on the exit grid? Are you playing turn-based or CTB? With ctb i was fine- pherhaps in tb you have to kill all mutants? Try switching to ctb for a second and see if it works then. Have you found fang sqaud- in other words, have you been told to go to the extraction point by general D?

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    Yes, was told to go to the extraction point.
    I will try to change to CTB instead and see what happens...
    strange though. THANKS!
  4. jimmyjay86

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    You were also supposed to heal the entire squad and have a conversation that triggered the exit grid.