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  1. Mr Fish

    Mr Fish Snug Rubber

    Sep 11, 2010
    Official news release:

    How it looks:


    I ranted about this on Discord so I'll just copy and paste this mess into this spoiler tag. Warning, it is a discord chat format so it is ugly and unstructured as all hell but I feel like I've already said a lot of what I want to say in here:
    What the hell happened to Steam?
    Is this the new update proper?
    I dunno if I like it.
    First of all, it fucked with my categories.
    I don't like that.
    I'm also seeing games I should not still own in my library.

    I don't think I like this.
    I don't see the point to the changes.

    Takes a full second for one game's startpage to load to the next when I click on them in the library
    So what I got on my "Home Page" is updates, Favorites, Recent Games, Friend Activity and All Games
    And it's stacked in an imageboard format.
    I don't get the point of any of this.
    I already have a favorites bar to the side, why do I need a second one that isn't a proper list?
    Recent friend activity is just stupid, could've added in a link or something to click on to bring you to the old page for it rather than force it on the start screen.
    Especially for those who don't care about it.
    Recent games also seem stupid. If I right click down on the steam icon then the past 5 recent games pop up. Why do I need this thing?
    And finally, All Games, why? Just why? I have like 200 games in my library and this imageboard format is absolute and utter fucking garbage to use.
    I've already used the category feature in the list to the side to sort them into an organized category structure.
    Why the hell would I want ALL Games?
    I don't see the point to the start page is all.
    Favorites is redundant. All Games is pointless unless you only got like a dozen games and you'd prefer the imageboard format over a list format. Recent friend activity already had a page for it and there's no reason to force it on us that don't give a shit about it. Recent games is redundant. The only potentially nice thing is the updates part. To use as a newsfeed to see what games you own that have been updated.
    The filter feature for your own library seems completely fucking bonkers.
    This is not what I thought they'd mean by a tag filter.
    I thought we'd be able to tag things ourselves for our own library, like a different way of using categories.
    But no I have to use THEIR tags.

    Like, GTA has racing in it.
    It is NOT a racing game.
    But GTA V has a racing tag to it.
    Also GTA 4 has a gore tag.
    In GTA 4.

    Their tag system was already shit as it is because a game just needs to flirt with a mechanic for it to be tagged in it.
    So that's useless garbage.
    Now I do like the tag "unplayed", that can be useful.
    Didn't need a tag search system for that tho.
    We have a new button on the side there.
    "Sort by recent activity".
    Why the fuck does the start page have a recent played games?
    I... I don't get it.
    Is the launcher going to become a slow piece of shit because they can't stop stuffing it with features?
    So Home Page is useless and a waste of space and the tag search system is useless unless you have so unbelievable many games that you have to use a fucking tag search system to nail them down.
    So, individual game pages.
    They're readjusted.
    I don't like it.
    Again, why?
    Why do they fuck with things that already work?

    They moved where achievements and friends that own it and screenshots were to the side.
    Why do that?

    Oh god.

    I just clicked on Hitman Absolution.
    It lists my every activity.
    Every time I load a game page it will have to load my user data for my activity.
    It lists the achievements I've earned as separate entries.
    As well as the trading cards.
    Every little one of these things are going to add to the loading of a page.
    No wonder it takes a full second for the page to load.
    I don't want to see my activity.
    I don't care about when I unlocked a fucking achievement and when I didn't.
    This is unsightly.
    They moved everything to the side for this.
    This is the reason.
    This is why everything else had to be crammed in to the side of the screen.
    Because for some god forsaken reason they HAD to force an activity log in there.
    I hate this.
    Not exaggerating, I genuinely hate this. Does anyone know if I can disable these things or customize it?
    Cause I want it gone.

    I use Opera Web Browser.
    And it had this great little feature to it.
    See, Opera is absolutely amazing at keep tons of tabs open without it slowing down to a crawl.
    So what you could do is drag one tab on top of another tab and group them.
    You could then drag more tabs into that grouping and you could collapse the group.
    So if you need to research something and keep a bunch of tabs open you could easily group them into an orderly fashion.
    Especially if three tabs are directly related you could group them and know that those three tabs are important together.
    And then.
    One magical day.
    They removed it.
    For no reason.
    It used to work.
    beautifully so.
    There was nothing wrong with it.
    I had zero problems with it in years of usage.
    And then one day, poof, gone.
    And I've yet to see it since.

    I vehemently hate change for the sake of change, ESPECIALLY when it comes to computer programs.
    This thing that I've spent years learning the ins and outs of, that I've gotten comfortable with, that ran at a smooth speed and didn't feel bogged down with useless features is changed and never ever come back.
    It gets slower, filled with more useless shit no one asked for and things that were actually beneficial are removed in favor of things that are not.
    God I miss that grouping feature...

    And now this.
    I hate it.

    Ok, I found something.
    For the Home Page in your Library you don't have to keep these tabs the way they are at first.
    You can alter them in any way you want to.
    I don't know why you would want to use this shit feature when you already have a category list to the side that is far easier to navigate but whatever; If you DON'T want to have these tabs here you click on the title of the tab and scroll down and "Delete This Shelf" and it's gone.
    Maybe they'll add other features to the shelf feature than just your library categories and maybe then it could actually be a useful feature but so far all I see is redundancy incarnate.
    When you click the category name on the list on the left it now opens a collection view of the category's items.
    I don't like this either.
    If I want to see the items that are in there then by clicking the name I obviously want to expand the list.
    I hope whoever signed off on this gets bit by a dog in the leg.
    Karmic backlash.

    When you select 2 titles and start dragging them you can drag them to the top to a space which says that it will uncategorize them from the category it is. That's useful.
    I suppose it is also useful that when you drag them the categories pop up to the side where you can drag and drop them.
    I don't like that it shows up the moment you select 2 titles tho
    Tried enabling low bandwidth/performance, apart from a minor change in looks for the individual pages nothing improved.
    Load speed became maybe 0.15 sec faster.

    This new one is just cluttered with unnecessary shit.
    Someone's comment in the newsfeed "The fact that you have settings to improve performance proves to me that this was unneeded change"
    I never clicked in there so I wouldn't know, are those performance options new with the new update?
    Cause if so, wow.

    People keep going on and on about ads in the new discussion feed but I have yet to see a single ad.
    Where the ads at?

    I'll definitely be looking for some kind of a skin or whatever for this shit later.
    Though apparently it is eating up performance.

    So a skin might not be enough.

    Also the news feed discussion is filled with people saying it is utter shit and want it reverted.
    Or want the option to revert it.

    They would have to manage two separate UI's.
    Updates, maintenance.
    I say fuck 'em.
    You want change then you deal with it and work with two.
    I mean, look, change isn't always bad.

    If something changes for the better then obviously it is for the better.
    But I don't see what positives there are here.
    I don't get the purpose of the Home Page.
    We already have a categories list on the side.
    I don't see why we need an activity feed for literally every single damn game we click on.
    That's another thing the launcher has to load which eats up performance.
    I don't get why we're getting that tag search system even.

    I have 300+ items in my library.
    And even I don't need a tag search system.
    Hell I used to have 500.

    I don't get this fascination that they have with "collections".
    Personally I think it is impractical.
    With the list on the side I can just go with alphabetical name and go up an down with my gaze to find the thing I'm looking for.
    But the collection thing?

    It's like opening an image folder.

    There is a way to hide games now.
    Did we used to have that?`
    Cause if not, then I like that feature.
    Had I had that maybe I wouldn't have straight up removed games from my account.
  2. Risewild

    Risewild Venerable Relic of the Wastes
    Modder Orderite

    Jun 14, 2014
    I don't like it. I think it looks worse than the past library view.
  3. Mr Fish

    Mr Fish Snug Rubber

    Sep 11, 2010
    If it isn't going to revert back completely then this would be my suggestions to improve it:
    stu png.png

    This would clean up a lot of things, get rid of the Home Page and make the collections feature optional to use and it won't be intrusive.