Stellaris has the worst game morality

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    Feb 20, 2024
    I was telling my wife about how they don't allow shooting kids any longer in patched versions of the earliest Fallout games. I think the same has probably been done in updated Baldur's Gate. In BG3, likewise you can usually not injure or kill kids. Some games handle this by simply having no kids. I think Atom RPG is largely in this camp, from what I can recall.

    I remember reading years ago about the original version of Hearts of Iron and grognards wanted to add the concentration camps for realism. This idea was shot down.

    That said, when I play Stellaris, I can enslave, purge, or cannibalize (!) aliens as a government edict. Is it because a death is a tragedy but a million deaths = a statistic that this anomaly is allowed?

    I generally play as a militant Federation/Romulans/Dominion but happily absorb the other species as my empire grows.

    But I read that if you genocide, you will face less slowdown issues in the endgame. So I am playing a run where I genocide all captured planets. The game has a refugee aspect built in, where some lucky Klingons or Ferengi can escape to other realms.

    Considering the trend to eliminate the single player atrocities in RPGs, I am a little stunned that Stellaris still allows what it does.

    Note: Stellaris with Star Trek: New Civilizations mod is how I typically play. Building a fleet of Defiants and Enterprise-E's is too much fun.
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    I play as Rogue Servitor or Megacorp, to simulate my post Yesman ending of FNV rule. I love that there are many ways for you to rule indirectly and many types of client states/subject states that you can form. I love how there is another version of Federation being more akin to Holy Roman Empire in function. The game basically could allow all kind of features from other paradox games if given enough time.

    Which is kind of makes me doubtful of Stellaris 2, because it can be seen clearly there is still market for yet another expansion and DLCs.
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    Feb 20, 2024
    This is the Paradox way...endless DLC.
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    Stellaris being genocide simulation is well established at this point.

    Like the story about the person who gene modded members of a conquered species into livestock that they then harvested for food and then sold that food back to the empire they got conquered from.
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