Stellaris-like Fallout setting

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  1. Ugly Kid

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    May 9, 2018
    I've been trying to imagine a Fallout game in space that features various "futures" for certain factions. The futures would all collide somehow and the factions would go to war.

    Let me try to explain better. There are several factions that have mentioned going to space (Enclave and House) and other factions who seem likely to go to space or are in space. An ending for New California has the Unity going to space. etc etc. Now what if, in many alternate timelines, these factions do go to space. Then somehow the timelines intertwine into one.

    Now you have space-faring House up against a space-faring Enclave and more. I think a Stellaris-like formula could work great for a game like this. Though I could also see this as the "Warhammer 40k" to Fallout's "Warhammer Fantasy".

    A whole new setting is created, one that may even become more popular than the first setting(again like Warhammer).

    Certain factions I think could make the roster are: Mr House, Enclave, Unity, Calculator, Think Tank, Dr Presper, Zetans, some Chinese faction, South American faction (who prsopered after the great war), and maybe some more I can't think of right now,

    What do you guys think about this idea? Am I on to something here? Also please expand upon this if you are interested!
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    May 9, 2018
    I disagree, the Enclave and House directly state their long term goals are exoplanet colonization. At least Vault Tec's goal is outer space, maybe not the Enclave directly. New California does a good job of justifying why the Unity would go to space,
    it's in the ending where you help solve their sterility
    . Think Tank just want to experiment and tinker with anything and everything so I think space would be good for them.

    You're probably right about Presper though. And I just included China and South America because the USA can't be the only place with factions who desire space travel. Calculator I just threw in there, maybe it wouldn't care for space but eventually Earth's minerals will be depleted and new resources will be needed to make robots.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    Don't forget the Bright Brotherhood (FNV) Hubologists (FO2) and the Shi (FO2).

    Bright Brotherhood can have working space rockets in FNV, the Hubologists want to repair a space shuttle and leave Earth and the Shi are studying how to achieve space travel in the future.
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    Dec 11, 2006
    Thought the topic was going to be in more of a "General Post-Apoc Setting", just like how Stellaris is pretty much "Generic Space Opera setting go nuts" so you can have say, your original Lusosphere Space Empire fight the Imperium of Man and the Federation from Star Trek or acceptable expies.

    You could go with, rather than deep space, alternate universes. So you have multiple Earths, each one with its own solar system, and every Earth is its own future.

    Hell, you could even do this with Stellaris, just change terms (say, Multiverse Generation instead of Galaxy Generation, Universe instead of System, etc) and make every star spawn a different solar system. So you could have the inhabited ones be each an alternate version of the Fallout universe spawning with their own sol system set-up. You could even have stranger solar systems that diverge a lot from ours, to add spice.

    Maybe some wacky SCIENCE experiment is done on a parallel Earth, a Black Mesa-style incident happens, the Space-Time Barriers fall like walls made of plasticine and bam, all those people can now interact with each other.
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