Stimpacks and superstims stop working on injured party member?

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    Jan 9, 2018
    Anyone know why stims of either regular or superstimpack type might abruptly stop working? Just had a fuckabout where the squad went on a rampage in a brotherhood bunker and then almost, although losing several members, ALMOST got through and had 'mother' disembowel the general covering for Barnaky. But, she was surrounded by elders with power-fists, although wearing one herself, and making a brutal mess with targeted eyeball-punches with the power fist, and to keep the general occupied, pelting him with grenade after grenade after grenade. She was tanked, absolutely munted on buffout, psycho and that meth in chewing gum form. Really tanked. And pretty much behaving like a tank too, shrugging off anything but massed, repeated power-fist blows at that final end, and minigun bursts for several turns.

    But the damn stims stopped working during the fight, right as it was close to the general being slaughtered, backed up by my player character spraying M60 burst fire into crowds of elders and running up to the general and both hitting him in the eyes with one of those poison dart pistols with the super-pricy ammo and loosing off close range bursts with the M60 captured from someone stupid enough to get in the way of Mother for about the time it takes a big, pissed off, deathclaw on tweak and super-advanced roid-rage plus a couple of shots of god only knows what, but it drives 'em mental and makes them into death-machines, to throw a pair of grenades and close in with a power fist and a determination to rip a power-armored paladin in half and then repeat the process with a second paladin, both packing M60s.

    Stims worked during and after that. Did during the charge , but after taking first a couple of minigun blasts, that she did seem actually to notice, and then surrounded and taking a brutal power-fisted pasting, they worked at first then suddenly stopped. Is there a limit? both types stopped. The super and the small ones. No amount restored even 1HP. And Mother hadn't taken so many super-stims that they would kill her. Not hundreds of the things.

    Is there some sort of mechanic for 'can't find a vein because you turned yourself into a human/gigantic lizard pincushion from sticking yourself once too often and collapsing your last IV-able vein, not helped by the needles on those things'

    Because they do look like they aren't measured in needle-gauges, say, 31g for the tiny little insulin points, to a middle-sized no.28, suitable for say, IM'ing morphine but that are awful sore for an IV, to big, fat cannulae used not for people or even monster-lizards but for transferring pyrophoric things from vessel to vessel through rubber septa that have the tendency for the stuff to react with air on the way through puncturing the septum and clog the bore of the needle. The stimpack needles look positively traumatic. More like a shotgun gauge than a needle gauge.

    Is there a condition akin to 'bandaged' which applies to stimpacks but doesn't show in the text feed or character screen? I know its possible to assassinate people with super stims because of the damage they cause, although not great, after a lot of use. But tanked up like that, and using smaller ones as well as superstims, mother turns from a hench, hulking great beast-queen into a main battle tank with no ranged weapon bar a guy throwing grenades at the top.