Strategies Against Oligarchism: A Prototype Manifesto

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    Jun 18, 2004
    First of all, I did not write this, so don't give credit me with writing it.

    Keep yourself informed. Read as much as possible and encourage your friends to read, regardless of what they want to read; if they read tons of pulp fiction, they will sooner or later explore more advanced literature. Make sure to subscribe to a quality newspaper, because they often offer more in-depth news coverage and information than television programs. Use the Internet to find alternative news coverage and information, but don't trust these sources blindly. Don't ignore television, but focus on news broadcasts and documentaries. Knowledge is the fundament of serious politics.

    Always ask the question "WHY?" We take too many things for granted, even when we think that we apply critical thinking. Dare to confront your own values, attitudes and opinions with the question "WHY?" as well; it will certainly improve your debating skills. A value, attitude or opinion that can't be supported with proper arguments is worth nothing. Although it may seem extremely obvious, we tend to forget that there always is a purpose behind everything, including this very manifesto!

    Get your political priorities right. The primary priority is to encourage critical thinking and political discussion. To promote specific ideologies, systems and parties is only the secondary or even tertiary priority; you might scare away ambivalent people. In fact, consensus doesn't have to be your enemy; if you can make everyone agree that the current order is unacceptable, you have already accomplished much. Combat the status quo first.

    Don't focus on pseudo-issues. Common examples of pseudo-issues are the rights of homosexuals and the be-or-not-to-be of abortions. Such issues do of course encourage fervent debates, but they are basically only political distractions; such issues are insignificant next to issues such as power and wealth concentration, and they don't affect society at large. Don't engage in dog fighting on the surface of the Death Star – attack the core.

    Contribute to the political debating climate in your own surroundings. If you are a parent, teach your children to think critically and independently. If you are a student, instigate political debates in the classroom. If you are a teacher, integrate critical thinking and political debating in your teaching. Or why not simply distribute your own political posters in your neighbourhood? Make it enigmatic – make people think.

    Contribute to the political debating climate on Internet. Instigate political debates in every forum, message board and newsgroup. Remember that political debates occurs frequently even in explicitly non-political forums. If some posters complain that "this forum isn't supposed to be political", then accuse them rightfully for ignorance and lethargy. Stagnation is a menace – raise hell.

    Create your own political island in the digital ocean. A basic web site without fancy graphics doesn't require much work at all; you decide yourself if you want to update and expand it in the future. Remember that, at a guess, only 5-20 % of all web sites can be labelled quality sites, and many important areas are not satisfactorily covered; your contribution is valuable. Offer something exclusive – something worthwhile to read.

    Always vote and always encourage other people to vote. Remember that you can ALWAYS protest against the system by handing in a blank voting-paper. If only 5-10 % of the population use this form of protest, neither the mass media nor the politicians can ignore it; it's actually a powerful vote of censure. If you abstain from voting, you support the status quo.

    Don't yield to consumptionist behaviour. As long as people find it more important to own status stuff than engage in politics, the status quo will prevail. As a rule of thumb, only purchase things that you need and things that can make you evolve as a person. Whenever possible, avoid corporate products – you only contribute to monopolies and oligopolies – and products with massive marketing campaigns – in the end, YOU pay for the marketing.

    Always confront fervent defenders of the status quo. These people actually represent the worst kind of ignorance: the educated ignorance. Such people could hypothetically defend any status quo, even in a totalitarian state: "Well, it could have been worse." "We have nice houses and nice cars, so stop complaining." "No one has forced these people to be dissidents." "Okay, concentration camps aren’t nice, but they house criminals after all."
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    You forgot the last one

    Start being ghey
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    Mar 18, 2004
    What if you are among the Oligarchy?
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    then be ghey

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    Jun 18, 2004
    Well, then, enjoy it while it lasts, we're going to kick you out!

    That would have to qualify as one of the most immature things I have ever heard. Next time, actually make an attempt with decent intellectual material. The only person you're insulting is yourself, because you show ignorance.
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    i kinda agree on the information/media thingy

    these 'pseudo-issues' can actually change things in peoples lifes, and therefor, they ARE important. yes, the underlying issues are important as well of course, but start changing what you can and then move on to the bigger things.

    (the quoted issues have long since been dealt with in most European contries btw)


    there are places and times for political debates, dont instigate them everywhere...

    rather than making your own crappy website you could actually join a good political forum instead? (or state your intrest in helping out with an already existant webby)

    imho maybe 0.01% of the internetsites could be called quality websites btw

    blank votes? come on dude, democracy at it's worse

    ok, it might be a way to protest in the US, but any good system (unlike the US) has a party you can vote for to reflect your opinion else there is something basically wrong with the system...

    are all monopolies and oligopolies evil? no
    are all corporations evil? no
    is globalisation fundamentally evil? no

    remember that some things just can't be produced effectively without these things...

    call me an ignorant consumptionist, but i like my pc (pieces made in taiwan, US, china,...), my motorcycle (most parts made in japan, assembled in belgium) and so on...

    i support fair trade and i buy a lot of things in what we call 'the world shop' (non profit organisation that takes care of their suppliers)
    but a lot of what i buy comes from 'evil' corporations, there is no way around it unless you wanna live off the land...

    as you can read in my previous comment, i suppose i'm partly an educated ignorant consumptionist

    i dont defend the system, but i think i feed it (by buying their products)

    what alternative is there? i'm not ready to dump my motorcycle, pc, house, etc and go live off the land somewhere
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    I already do most of your crappy post but I have yet to topple world governments by being an argumentative prick.

    Is it more mature than posting a rant on someone else's boards and then trying to argue with the flames? If this is the most immature thing you have seen, you should get out more.
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    it's general discussion dude, tsjillout

    he gets to post it, as long as you dont have admin written next to your name mkay?
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    May 18, 2003

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    Jun 18, 2004
    Well, you have to remember that I didn't write it. You have a problem with it, go to and go argue your points.

    "Pseudo-issues" aren't as important as things like the economy. Yes, they change some people's lives, but I personally think that they're secondary issues compared to the economy, et cetera.

    The first one is the main one I'm protesting about. In all other forums where I have debated, posts like this are immediately struck down by other posters, or are completely destroyed. The second one, I was trying to have a sense of humour about my post. [sarcasm]Sorry if it offended you[end sarcasm].

    Well, I made that point as well, corporations ARE everywhere. I just posted this in the purest form possible.

    Good and evil are relative. Anyway, the word "evil" doesn't really describe what this is supposed to bring through.

    That's not what I meant when I talked about ignorance. I respect people who can express their opinions well, which you have done. Anyway, you could potentially eliminate the "socialist" points made, the capitalists that took the manifesto for the base of their own websites took out that. It still works either way.

    You don't like that, scrawl a message. Spoil your vote! It's fun. And this is again me trying to add some humour.
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    Aug 29, 2003
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    Jul 5, 2003
    You know, this whole article is pretty much bullshit. It's not "how to fight oligarchism", it's "how to become part of the oligarchy'.
    Really, because as soon as you become intellectual, have your own thoughts and write them down, you become one of the elite who know more than the average person, and because you are part of an elite, you are part of an oligarchy.

    RAKTHEUNDEAD First time out of the vault

    Jun 18, 2004
    Won't even bother arguing against that point. I've got a perfectly good counter-argument, but I don't want to waste it.
  14. Tannhauser

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    Mar 18, 2004
    Excuse me? I fail to see the point of your action Rak, leading to me to believe you are bluffing (not on the point of having a counter-argument, but that it is a good one). Why would be responding with your counter-argument be "wasting it?" It's an idea, not ammunition, you can't "waste it." It won't improve with age either.

    CCR, you forgot to mention how much more attractive that image is too look at than anything Rak has produced.
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    Aug 30, 2003
    Wouldn't that go against your little manifesto there? Smells like teenage hypocricy... What's the point of even creating this topic if not to debate it? You seriously didn't think people would read this, verbally fellate you for your revelation, and go out and topple the establishment. Grow some balls and step up to the plate. Represent. ;)

    I actually agree with some of the initial comments, although by the end, it made me want to puke. His fervent attitude over politics is disagreeable and makes me wonder if said person has a life. Yes, politics is important in life, but life isn't all about politics. I think we've all had a disagreeable dating experience with a politically active yuckhead who didn't know how to shut up about politics, lacks the capacity to have a decent conversation or have a good time.

    I despise these inconsiderate, egotistical pinheads who have grandiose visions of corporate and political conspiracies that brainwash us into not living by the standards that they believe we should conform to. In fact, without their corporate enemies, these shitheads would cease to be, and would probably begin bitching about how it was better in the old days, when they had more attenti... errr... I mean freedom, and that we should revolt once again against the status quo. This leads me to my favorite part:

    By its very rhetoric, this statement creates a paradox. Don't you just love people who try and perpetuate a vicious cycle without even knowing it?

    EDIT: In other news, I just grew a sixth toe. Nice!!!
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    Jul 5, 2003
    Oh, there is a really good argument against it, is there? Hah.
    Think about it this way: an oligarchy is a rule of the elite. As soon as you become part of the educated elite, even if you have a goal to eliminate oligarchy, you have just become part of the ruling elite. Even though your goal is to bring it down, as such, you are part of the oligarchy. You only stop to be part of that oligarchy when the educated elite has become a majority amongst the population.

    Hah! Face facts: there is an oligarchy, and it doesn't matter one bit.