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    Deus Ex, 2000
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    The main events of the game take place in the year of 2052, on our very own Earth, a world infested with corruption and bureaucracy, a small amount of people who confront this and a large amount of police to counter them. The whole place is a mess, as you witness during your travels around the globe.
    The player is a special, nano-augmented agent with all sorts of physical enhancements created specifically to combat the terrorists who took advantage of the chaotic situation. However, as the game goes on it is learned that not everything is as clear...

    The thing that makes Deus Ex stand out from other roleplaying games out there is the amount of freedom the player has when it comes to solving a problem presented. There aren't your average three choices - combat, diplomacy and stealth - these all branch off into many more. The level design is believable, yet in the same time it allows the player to do all sorts of stuff, like go through a ventilation shaft, use an elevator or unlock a special door - anything to avoid open confrontation with enemy.
    This means that despite having a so-so character creation, you don't really have a specific 'best' character. And as the game progresses, you can choose your upgrades, some of which help with stealth, others with combat. Lots of replay value here!
    The plot and the backstory is also a strong point of Deus Ex. Most of is fairly believable, and whilst science-fiction it's not completely outlandish. The atmosphere is brilliant and the soundtrack helps build it - first, thrown into the clean offices of a UN HQ, then into the slums of NY. You have to see to understand, of course.

    As an RPG fan, you will probably be very upset with how little long-term options there are, and the lack of consequence for them. If you save a character, he will appear later in the game just to say 'Hi'... And none of that will be tied with the main plot. You can choose to tear apart the guards or bypass them; there are no punishments or rewards for either.
    Now, like most roleplaying systems, Deus Ex suffers the Useless Skill Syndrome. There is a couple of skills and a few upgrades which are rarely used throughout the game, and another, more healthy choice is always present with absolutely no repercussions for choosing it instead. I'd recommend reading a brief guide on creating a Deus Ex character, just in case.
    Unlike other roleplaying games, the combat is partially player-dependent, since all the combat and sneaking is done through first person.
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    This bit is somewhat debatable. 1) There are a plenty of long-term options, it's just that few of them are significant. Some, however, like death of a major support character, could be considered a big deal. 2) You do get punishments/rewards for completing missions a certain way - at the very least through the first half of the game. Your reward depends on whether you follow orders, so it's actually a gameplay mechanic, not just some dialogue reference.

    As an aside, I wouldn't treat the game as a full-fledged RPG, despite all the fandom around it. It's really just an FPS with RPG elements (or hybrid, if you will), just with rather good writing. But I suppose this will be discussed whenever we decide what genre label to stick on the "box".
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    [spoiler:b8daa220fe]I only remember the option to stay with Paul and get knocked out in the consequent fight, or go out through the window and escape to the metro tunnel. If you let Paul live, he will appear later on in either Hong Kong or MJ12 Labs (I don't remember), where there's a very short exchange between him and JC.[/spoiler:b8daa220fe]

    [spoiler:b8daa220fe]The only example of this I remember is whether or not you decide to kill the terrorists in the NY Castle in the 2nd mission. If you - or friendly NPCs - massacre even one, the quartermaster won't give you two multitools. That alone is a very small, insignificant event, and the game is so much more bigger than that it's almost unnoticeable.[/spoiler:b8daa220fe]
    I might rephrase the sentence though.
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    Re: Subm.:Deus Ex (1)

    1) [spoiler:0964872a6a]The game actually tracks a lot of the little stuff you do to mention it to you later. A lot of it isn't very obvious though, but it makes the environment feel a lot more organic - like getting told off for stalking women's toilet etc. I've only played through the game once or twice, so I can't comment on all the details, but I've seen Youtube videos with stuff like that. Another one significant to the story is whether you save your helicopter driver or not. [/spoiler:0964872a6a]

    Overall, if they decided to do ending slides a'la Fallout, you'd see quite a bit of variation in the description of the various areas. Of course, the global nature of the ending overshadows all of that.

    2) [spoiler:0964872a6a]On Liberty Island, your official salary depends on the way you handle the mission and the terrorist leader. I think similar stuff happens more than once. Not that it changes the linear nature of the game, but I do think you should rephrase the way you put it.[/spoiler:0964872a6a]
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    It's going to be hard trying to be as objective as possible....

    :As an RPG fan, you will probably be very upset with how little long-term options there are, and the lack of consequence for them.:

    Maybe you should say "might" instead of "probably".
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    Re: Subm.:Deus Ex (1)

    [spoiler:13bc4eda15]The helicopter scene is rather insignificant. Either the chopper blows up, and JC says 'Oh crap', or everything is fine and Jock flies away. How does it really relate to the main plot? You don't get additional missions from Jock later on; he won't arrive in a few missions later to fly you somewhere for free and give you some insight on the situation. It's just a simple dialogue/graphic change, really.[/spoiler:13bc4eda15]

    I can see your point on the Fallout ending slides, however; just that I don't find enough of these situations of choice&consequence, as you would in the aforementioned Fallout game, or Arcanum etc.
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    There are actually a whole lot of little things like that the game tracks, though you're right that it's more flavor than substance, and definitely not c&c in the traditional RPG sense. But it's not a traditional RPG, which is probably something to make clear. For an FPS with RPG elements (esp. for its time), it's more than one would expect.
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    I agree. I loved this game when it came out due to it's rpg parts. Never played a fps rpg before this one i think!