Super Mutants and Fan Fiction

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    Dec 11, 2006
    Well, I'm working in a Fallout fan fiction in the Brazilian Fallout Forum (you guys know which forum I'm talking about). That Fallout Fan Fiction History happens in Center-South Brazil. I'm thinking about adding a group of Super Mutants somewhere in São Paulo, but I would need some lore information to help me:

    So, here are my questions about Super Mutants:

    1 - Are Super Mutants immortal? I mean, immortal like NEVER dying of age or disease?

    2- It is possible to extract FEV-II from Super Mutant's blood and isolate it?

    3- What is the aproximate number of Super Mutants that survived the Vault Dweller's One-Man War? From what it loooked to me (if you look all Mutants, including the ones in Fallout Tactics and then add some more somewhere and in random encounters in FO2), at least six hundreds Supermutants survived.
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    1) Super Mutants do not die of old age.
    2) As far as I'm aware, no. I believe it may be one of the things the Enclave was trying however, and with their science, they may well have eventually found a way.
    3)In the Fallout ending, we are told that the "Super Mutant
    army" went east. I would presume there is enough to constitute an army. The Brotherood drives them away with "minimal casualties on either side".

    So enough to make an army heads east.