The Brothers Grimm

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    Bros Grim

    I had an encounter with to mutants called Jim and Jon Grim. I healed the beatup brother and they left. Does any thing come of this later on?
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    RE: Bros Grim

    You can recruit them both at the BOS bunker later in the game.

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    I found the Brothers Grimm looooong ago. I healed the hurt brother. They thanked me. They then walked towards the exit and I left. But they don't show up in my recruitment pool even when I am a General, the ungrateful sods. I've figured out why. I left the map before they did. They are now perpetually stuck on that map, and I am powerless to free them unless I take their place, thanks to the "you're stuck on this map, hahahahaha have fun you bastard" bug.
    So, how do I get that cool Mutant that can do 2 AP M2 bursts and rip apart everything in his path? Every place I have looked says no fix for the bug. Is there any way I can hack the brothers grimm into my recruit pool, and get riddick too while I'm at it for good measure? Riddick, btw, for some reason cant leave the map, he's on the green and doesnt exit. He has the same problem as me =)
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    There should be a way to add them in the pool. You will have to modify the trigger scripts for a bunker that you haven't visited yet. Or you could overwrite a special encounter with another version of the Grimm encounter. I would overwrite the Morte encounter or one of the other useless ones.
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    I've already had all 26 encounters, unfortunately. My game crashes whenever I go into a special encounter square now. But I'll try overwriting or renaming another special encounter or something.
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    Well if you did all of the special encounters then you can't do what I suggested. Adding them any other way is going to be very difficult and may be possible if you are very familiar with the editors. You will have to change triggers and the campaign.txt file and do a lot of testing - not really worth it IMO. If you need help wading through the editor, give me a holler.
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    Well, its done, without -too- much trouble. I unpacked the special encounters and random encounter maps. I found the Brothers Grimm, and discovered that when they leave it sets the campaign variable "CVAR_Z25_GRIMM" to true. So then I edited a few random encounter maps so that they automatically set this variable to true, I randomly stopped out in the wastelands until I got one of these maps, and poof, there are the brothers Grimm, as they should be, since I healed them like I was supposed to. Then I replaced the old random encounter maps, and that was that,
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    Very well done! Now you have the experience to start making your own maps!
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    Re: RE: The Brothers Grimm

    is there anybody out there who could help me and tell me how to do this? (I am new to FT editing) At least in which file (I suppose it's a bok file) are the special encounters packed and where and how do I change the campaign variable "CVAR_Z25_GRIMM" to true. I have just one random Special Encounter left (got all other 25) - it's the Canadian Invasion, so I suppose this fix could be done.

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    No need to mess around with the special/random encounters just add the trigger to any mission or bunker you haven't visited yet and then return to the fourth bunker and they'll be added to the recruit pool.

    Alternatively just add a trigger to any map that you haven't visited
    condition always
    action modify recruits tagged mis_z25 in the recruit pool list.

    Tutorials on adding triggers can be found linked in the modding forum.