The Fall: International Release, German Version Budgeted

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by Silencer, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Silencer

    Silencer Night Watchman Staff Member Admin

    Nov 7, 2003
    Beatrix let us know at our forum about the international release plans for The Fall presented by Carsten Strehse:<blockquote>That's right. Russian release is next week, Polish in November. Czech and Hungary will follow next year. Just like the US, UK and Australian version.</blockquote>

    Link: Thread at Silver Style

    Also, The Fall's German language version's price was reduced to 20€.
  2. Egis

    Egis Still Mildly Glowing

    Jun 2, 2004
    Next year !? That sucks I knew i had to learn russian but no ....
  3. Murdoch

    Murdoch Half-way Through My Half-life

    Nov 24, 2003
    Too bad my interest in that project long ago wained. Way to lose the American market. :roll:
  4. Wooz

    Wooz Vault Sweeper Admin Orderite

    May 18, 2003
    This is weird. Completely illogical. If I was a project/game leader, I'd release the English version for my game/whatever as soon as possible after the game's original language to have a bigger market for the project.

    Or could it be that they didn't find suitable distributors in English-speaking countries in time?
  5. st0lve

    st0lve Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Nov 14, 2004
    English, then all the other languages.
    It would reach a bigger crowd WAY faster :o
  6. babadook

    babadook Legislative Senator oTO Orderite

    Apr 2, 2005
    Well, they probably though they should make some $$$ on the polish version before the english speaking "pirates" decides it should be distributed freely.

    Add: I'm not saying there's no "pirates" in the rest of the world... Just that they might actually pay for stuff over there. Who knows..

    Add: But yeah, my interest has taken another path by now
  7. Tannhauser

    Tannhauser Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Mar 18, 2004
    For what reason would you substitute "$$$" for "money?" You save all of two characters. And I don't care if English is not your first language, that is not an excuse for this sort of thing.

    I find that line of thought highly suspect. I doubt they are worried about English piracy to such a degree. Because German and Russian piracy obviously is completely negligible.
  8. 4too

    4too Vault Senior Citizen

    Apr 30, 2003
    Don't Be A H8er, Be A Liber8r!

    Don't Be A H8er, Be A Liber8r!

    Why it's what SMART MONEY would do!

    One: In the land of hope, glory, and Wheel Of Fortune, it saves the purchase of vowels from Vanna.

    Two: It perpetuates the illusion of the dollar as the one true means to an end, the one true means of exchange for the entire solar system.

    Three: It's a savvy way to cost engineer, and a slick way to say we are saving $$$ so we can increase our performance bonuses!!!!!!!


    I suspect it is GROUP PUNISHMENT for all English speakers, not because of the dis'ing of the label and it's Den muter, ol' what's his name. Or was it some other German label reeked of delusions of FO?

    OR, we can always spin this out to be GROUP PUNISHMENT because ""W."' is alleged to speak English. What's one more ''fault'' for the Leader Of the FEE world? [Freedom is no longer FREE.]

    Now whether this is all a blessing or a curse-ing, [the ol' FU ], we'll just have to wait for the latest round of bug reports from all you graced with poly-lingual communication skills.

  9. Beatrix

    Beatrix First time out of the vault

    Jul 11, 2005
    its really strange that they did wait that long before thinking about an english release, but i just have to guess that they had severe problems finding a publisher.
    all i know is that SSE always was proud to produce the game all alone, without any publishers restrictions ! that way, they always said, they could take their time and bring in all their very own ideas without having to listen to publishers proposals how the game should be.
    maybe this "publisher ignoring attitude" is now a problem for SSE?
    Maybe publishers remember that behaviour and now dont want to publish their game in return anymore.
    lol, i really dont know.

    and lets dont forget that TF first release version (fully bugged) failed BADLY in spain and france ! guess we would have had much earlier an english version if it would have had (?? written like that ?Lol) a success in france & Spain!
    but what happend? the game crashed all the time and the french&Spain publisher went bankrupped LOL! , no joke! they ran out of money and since today all spain&French versions have no more patch support anymore, so that they are stuck with their early buggy versions of the game :)

    maybe they didnt want to let this chaos happen again in english language countries too.
    so they rather revamped the game and released this new "premium edition" , with some new content and in a more bugfixed version.
    because the german earlier versions had too many bugs still i guess they first did want to test this new special edition in germany and they further bugfixed it by time.
    the eastern europe countries maybe offered a good deal to SSE so that they could release the game there without problems ???
    however i guess some of TFs reputation is gone with all that chaos in spain&france and all that bugs that the game was suffered from .

    now in 1.9 the game is really playable , like any other game too (every game has its minor problems, doesnt it ?).
    its ready to get released, so i dont know why they donmt speed releasing the game up NOW ?
    maybe because its hard to find a publisher that still wants this game after releasing it 2 times and after 10 patches.
  10. babadook

    babadook Legislative Senator oTO Orderite

    Apr 2, 2005
    Why not use that symbol? People recognizes the symbol as money (often dollar though you said money) and since I putted three of them there it should indicate it was a significant amount. Sort of an easy mind game. Ofcourse I could have written money in capitals and clear green color (dollar reference again) but most people haven't adapted that way of expressing oneself yet. (Though I'm trying hard to implement those ways into the world) There are a lot of substitutes in symbols that people recognizes. The later one not being one of them.

    Since this IS a moderated forum there's probably a rule against this type of americanization or use (or misuse) of symbols in general. If there is I apologize myself. I shall never repeat this mistake at this forum again.

    Yeah, probably. It's very important to be able to show the european and american market that you have a stable company that can deliver. Sadly, they clearly failed in some aspects.
  11. Silencer

    Silencer Night Watchman Staff Member Admin

    Nov 7, 2003
    Get the hell out of Europe, Nordic punk :twisted:

  12. Tannhauser

    Tannhauser Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Mar 18, 2004
    I would not say there is a rule as such. Rather people here will naturally recognize the person who butchers the English language as incompetent. In addition, they will run afoul of the word filter.

    As for emphasis, there are people who use structure and vocabulary to make such issues clear. I suggest that you try the same, instead of relying on formatting and the substitution of symbols.

    For the usage of 'money' rather than 'dollar,' that is the term which makes more sense, because of the international scope of the discussion.
  13. Rev. Layle

    Rev. Layle A Smooth-Skin

    Jul 26, 2005
    Wow, such a diatribe over "$$$" :-P

    AT LEAST it detracts from the impending doom of an odd release of a game that has SEEMED to have lost its buzz.
  14. Sarkus

    Sarkus First time out of the vault

    Dec 16, 2003
    SSE is so full of smoke that it's ridiculous. You do realize that over a year ago Carlton whatshisname (the head of SSE) posted on their boards that they had a US distributor and that they were just waiting to announce it. That's been their line all along.

    I doubt they even yet have a distributor and I wouldn't be suprised if they never release the game here anyway. Next year is almost two years after the German release; no publisher here is going to bother touching a two year old game.
  15. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Not to create a bad omen or anything else along Carsten's dreams, but could it possibly be prime pickings for Interplay?

    Stay tuned to find out!
  16. babadook

    babadook Legislative Senator oTO Orderite

    Apr 2, 2005

    Bah! Yoda was way beyond incompetent!

    I sure understand what you mean and I blame it all on the differences between our cultures. I just have a hard time adapting, that's all. :roll:
  17. Sytxferryman

    Sytxferryman Still Mildly Glowing

    Mar 14, 2005
    Well I also have pretty much given up on this coming out in English anytime within my lifetime... and somehow if it does I think they will try to get $45 for it when it will already be 2-5+ years old.
  18. Jammet

    Jammet Leopardster

    May 30, 2005
    I really hope you people will not be too severely disappointed when you finally, at some distant point in the future, own this game.

    As attractive as the game seems to be - make sure you get a chance to try before you buy.

    In my personal humble opinion the game design is lacking in many ways, and the engine stinks. But there are enough people out there who seem to like it nonetheless. Masochists? Not sure. I guess I'm blind to the game's strong points.
  19. Wooz

    Wooz Vault Sweeper Admin Orderite

    May 18, 2003
    Uh. In my opinion (there is no such thing as a humble opinion, nor can I have non-personal opinions without morphing into CCR-Borg) nobody has given the game any positive comments.

    I think Shmoe even said it utterly sucked.