The fate of Little Lamplight and Big Town as of 2281

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    What happened to the twin cities of kids and teens by the time the BoS beat the Enclave? Did the Brotherhood reorganized the Capitol Wasteland since they've firmly establish a sort of military/feudal government there. if so did the reorganization affects the twin cities or any traditions in any way?
    Did the Brotherhood go the Little Lamplight to recruit any kiddies (which are the only citizen of the city) into their ranks?

    As of Fallout 4. the only recurring character from LL is Robert Joseph McCready whom AFAIK left the LL in 2280 (per rules, he turned 16--and thus he had to leave, as well as the entirety of the city in Fallout3), I don't know whether did he reside in Big Town before he came to The Commonwealth to find a cure to his son Duncan. doing so had brought him to the bad path of being thuggish Gunners (an enemy to Minutemen, a thug merc similar to Talon Company in F3) but he is the only recurring characters from that city. no further explanations saying what happened to a redhair girl named Princess, or did McCready left that part behind him. (she's not his wife either, Lucy is the name of his wife who killed by a feral ghoul but it's not known which Lucy she is (one in Megaton or a doctor in LL in F3)) nor anyone else. what's your thoughs?
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    Probably wiped out by a single albino radscorpion like so many other NPCs... thanks Broken Steel.
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    I hope everybody in Little Lamplight was wiped out because it's easily one of the dumbest things in the game.

    Children with subpar equipment somehow surviving against Super Mutants.
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    Bigtown might be becoming a huge center in its own right, with the Teens there producing toughened bodies to fight Muties in that area before they run off.

    The BoS most likely has taken care of Vault 87 by now and Little Lamplight is safe/abandoned with its responsibilities taken over by the BoS (Give your kids to us. They'll be safe, educated, fed, and trained!).
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    ^ And that it should be. but Betty said nothing about that AT ALL.
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    Because Bethesda doesn't do world design in regards to plot. They do seperate quests where everyone pitches in story ideas.
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