The Olympus 2207 ending is dumb and it should feel dumb

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    Obviously spoilers ahead because I'm talking about the ending... and I don't know how to use the "spoiler" filter

    TL;DR: I went in there expecting The Master 2.0... but found what's essentially someone who tried to imitate that encounter but failed in every conceivable way to capture what made The Master such a memorable character in the first Fallout game. The ending itself felt insulting, with plotholes wide enough to fit the entire Olympus skyscraper through sideways. The ending fight was disappointing, but that was probably because I was overleveled. It almost soured the entire experience in my eyes.

    The ending fight was... underwhelming. Maybe because I was hilariously overleveled. Or it was because I went in there knowing there's four turrets, because I went in right the moment I could and saw the room, then had my ass royally handed to me in a single turn, so I reloaded a save. So I rolled in there with 10 Pulse Grenades and the Baraka machinegun which - OK I need to talk about this machinegun for a minute.

    So you know vanilla Fallout 2's Bozar right? If that weapon was a rabid dog that just tore everything in front of it, what would happen if you gave said dog ALL the anabolic steroids you can find while also shoving all kinds of cybernetics into it? You get the Baraka. Sure it only carries 20 rounds (as opposed to the 60 of the "Law" machinegun) but it has longer range and deals more damage, so in the end it's worth it. Even without Pulse Grenades, the Baraka makes short work of everything in that room.

    The DEUS mentioned being able to wrestle control back if the Player talks to Anderson for long enough, but that didn't happen... or I didn't do it right? I guess even with 100% Speech it wouldn't make sense for it to work, right?

    Anyway, to the the ending reel.

    Yeah, Loudmouth gets dead - big surprise. Naomi Young fucks off of Rainbow which again not surprising. NWO under Sam becomes a food monopoly, which again, that's why I helped Sam become a mayor. Livos under Emily Dunton's leadership keeps selling water... which while I hate that bitch, I don't think killing her would do much good either. Although come to think of it, what happens to Livos after Emily dies of natural causes? That hasn't been touched and to be honest I just now thought about it, so moving on.

    But on to the ending itself, after you yank Anderson's brain pipe with his brain still attached to it. It differentiates in two ways:

    • Ending 1) Become the machine. You jack yourself into the thing and... do precisely fuck all. Nothing changes, the people at Tartarus still slave away for the rest of their days. The whole bullshit about "everyone has his place" is just that - bullshit. You mean to tell me, my character who trudged through the wastes, went through hell and back... for nothing? He goes through NWO and Livos. For nothing. The knowledge of these locations and how bad Olympus really is goes right through one of the Player character's ears and leaves out through the other and the Player just keeps the vicious cycle going, nice. The modders sprinkled some pretentious shit in hopes to hide that the utter turd of an edit they wrote is pretentious at best, insulting at worst. Then I guess you jack off yourself to sleep if you bought into that pretentiousness.

    • Ending 2) Deny the machine. You fuck off after killing Anderson. And then the skyscraper descends into fucking chaos. Because apparently the DEUS is utterly incompetent at keeping order I guess? They reveal to us that DEUS is able to synthesize voice so why the hell would anyone even have to KNOW the Administrator is fucking dead? There's a protocol that says that subordinates must follow orders without question - so even if any Defenders are on the way, DEUS can just issue a command like "problem solved, back to your posts" and nobody can do anything about it! Hell, even if a Defender saw the player brutalize Anderson, they can go pound sand, since said protocol exists. And it just goes to show DEUS if full of hot air I guess? In the end the rabble enters Tartarus and after a while DEUS locks it tight. I guess nobody brought explosives in the skyscraper and DEUS also managed to close off Tartarus from the caves and with a sheer stroke of luck all those systems in the already malfunctioning skyscraper worked perfectly and - for example - no door closed improperly. That the Radius loses interest in the tower is also bullshit... think about it, would you lose interest in the fuckoff huge tower holding God-knows-what kind of tech and/or treasure? Especially when explosives exist and could breach the tower? ESPECIALLY when the Lumeniers have the firepower to breach it? Fuck off.

    • "Without the Jackals supplying weapons and Rainbow supplying drugs, the Radius gets more peaceful". This line just rubs me the wrong way. Sure it'd make sense that since Rainbow died off, there'd be less drugs for people to get addicted with... but weapons? Really, you mean to tell me - no, you mean me to believe - that the Jackals were the ONLY ONES with the manufacturing capabilities to create firearms? You know, when Livos and NWO exist, it was exclusively the fucking Dogs that provided the entire Radius with weapons? And you mean to tell me that Radius inhabitants are so incapable of swinging a stick against someone's skull? Again, fuck off.
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    Yes, it's possible. I had 150% Speech. You still have to think what to say as you aren't handed "Kill yourself" line.

    The best ending is exiling her and choosing a competent leader (yourself). When she dies, Livos will descend into chaos without anyone competent to take her place.

    I think it depends on your Karma. My character sent delegations from Olympus to every settlement offering them valuable technology. Tower itself opened to the outsiders, becoming a trade hub. And while Olympus' influence lowered, quality of life in Radius went up.

    But the line doesn't say "Without Jackals- the only weapon manufacturers- Radius is safer"? If you remove the biggest weapon manufacturer, there're going to be less guns in the area, even if some other people still make them on a much smaller scale.
    Especially if those other people don't sell them to raiders.

    While the ending wasn't a mind-blowing experience, I have no idea what got you so angry.
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    Jun 6, 2021
    What even is this mod's hardon with skills having to be OVER 100% to be effecting?

    In retrospect I shouldn't have started farming Defenders... which it still pisses me off that you lose Karma when killing Defenders. I should've just nabbed the Mk.2 Lumenier armour and some pulse grenades. But the first time around I was blown to bits by the rocket turret which... was a recurring death.

    Here's the thing. I think someone would eventually (probably NWO if they got wind of it) take over the Jackals' manufacturing facilities... because the Radius, even without bandits, isn't a safe place now is it? You've got giant ants, giant scorpions, Onca Devils, Chimeras, Ursas and feral ghouls. Sure, walls can protect you from these things getting in, but they'll do jack shit for your caravans. If anything, the Radius would be worse without a reliable weapons manufacturer.

    Because I think the ending makes no sense at times. All-powerful DEUS can't keep order in Olympus, my character turns out to be a dumbass, somehow killing off a weapon manufacturer makes the place safer while disregarding the wildlife.