The Perfect Character? I need your advice!

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    My first few characters have been pretty useless, and I decided I wanted a new start; besides, I had messed up on a few missions any way...

    So, with that in mind, what to do with my Stats? What should they be, I got a rough idea, but beyond that, I really don't know, so any help will be much appreciated. I'm trying' to create a weapon character, using the Tags Small, Big, and Energy Guns.

    Strength: 6 seems to be the min. for using all weapons, if it isn't please tell me, cause I just want the min. so I can use everything.

    Perception: 8 I assume, or something high since it seems to affect how far away you can shoot stuff, and for a lot of the Perks I saw, you needed a decent perception for Bonus ROF and Sniper.

    Endurance: 6 Looking through the perks, and with your hit points a side, this looks like I could leave it 6, or maybe a point less? Do you have any suggestions here?

    Charisma: ? (8 for Divine Favor) I just don't know, I read some article on the Perk Divine Favor and that alone seems worth it, but since he's just going to be fighting, what should this be? Also, do your squad mates get penalties if your charisma is too low, 'cause it says they get bonuses if it is high enough?

    Intelligence: 6 That seems to be the ticket for every perk in the game, so it sounds good to me, though to get these stats I'm going to need the Gifted and maybe Bruiser Traits so I'll need all the intelligence I can get to make up for the lack of skill points per level.

    Agility: 8 That seems to be the key to get the best Perks that levels can buy, plus, if I did take the Bruiser trait, I'd need to make up for the lack of APs, and you can never have to many of those.

    Luck: 6 That's all it takes to get all the Increase/Better Criticals, which look to be a good thing, besides that, I guess I could take this Stat down a good few points.

    In the end it takes being Gifted and either Small Frame or Bruiser to get the job done, so any help, tips, and advice would be greatly appreciated! A question though, with small frame I’d have more APs, and less carry weight. While with bruiser, I’d have less APs (unfortunately, 7 instead of 8, which makes a big difference between 2 shoots per round and one), but an extra Stat point, which seems best suited for perception, so which should I go with? Thanks!
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    Well a lot has to do with your personal opinion and preference, but since you asked I'll give you my revised perfect character. Please note that this contains some spoilers.

    First of all, Age, Sex, Name, Hair and Skin and Other color are all trivial, so take your pick.

    ST: I usually go with 6 or 7. 6 is a good base since a lot of small guns require 6 ST. Bigger guns later on in the game (Browning M2, M-60) require more ST, but there are perks that give you +2 or +3 ST for determining whether you can hold a gun. So, if you got the +3 perk and 7 ST, you can hold pretty much any gun in the game.

    PE: 6-8. It really depends. If you are going for a more long-range character, go with high PE - maybe 8. This determines range modifiers and stuff, so with higher PE the higher chance you'll hit something farther away. I like a fairly ranged character, so I usually go with about 7. It just seems right. Also, there is a Sharpshooter perk that'll raise 2 PE for purposes of determining range modifiers, so 7 or 8 is just right.

    EN: Endurance is important because it modifies a lot of things. I think it is important to have an EN of about 8 because there are perks for making up for lower EN, but you'll have to get a lot of them. My recommendation is EN at 7 or 8.

    CH: This is a gray area for me. In Fallout 2, it is very important to have high CH because it alteres bartering prices and NPC reactions. In this game, I don't know. I'm only up to Kansas City (about halfway through) and havent found high CH much of a use, but I'll leave that up to you. For me, it usually ends up around 4.

    IN: This is mostly important if you are going the 'medic' route, which, in my opinion, is a waste since you start out with a perfectly good medic and there are opportunities to get more medics later on. Since it determines how many skill points you get, I wouldn't let it slide below 5, just for that reason.

    AG: My personal opinion is to raise this to 10 right off the bat. I've done this since Fallout 2, but in retrospect it seems to be a waste, because there is a perk that'll raise it +1. I just like the extra AP, but that's for you to decide.

    LK: In my opinion and experiences, this is the least important. Not to say it isn't important, but it is the least of all. Since I have high concentration on the ST, EN and AG sections, my LK ends up about 3 or 4. Nothing drastically horrible has happened to me with low luck, but again, its up to you.

    Special Traits:

    Gifted: Very good. What you lose in Skills and Skill Points can be made up for, but you get very little chances to raise your base statistics. It is very good mostly because Base Statistics determine a lot of things, while high skill only affects a few. This is also largely based on my opinion and experience, so don't feel like you 'have' to get it.

    Fast Shot: I mostly like this one because all the other ones really didn't fit me and it lets me fire 3 shots per turn. I really never cared for targeting, and I suppose if I don't have it and I want to blind somebody, I could just have Farsight do it or whatever. Also based largely on opinion.

    As for your question:

    I, personally never bothered with any of the Special Traits that you are talking about, but I can offer you my advice nonetheless. I would definitely go with more APs. Carry weight is meaningless, since you can store shit in your vehicles, and later on you get Deathclaws which can carry like 375lbs of weight. With another AP, and consequently another shot per turn, it could mean the difference between life and death. If you got a super mutant with a rocket launcher almost dead and you end up with 3 AP instead of 4, you're screwed. But if you have that extra AP, you can take him out and any risk of him hurting your team. This is only one example, but you can see my point

    Hope I've been of some help.

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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Apr-22-01 AT 11:01PM (GMT)[p]Yeah, thanks, that helped steer me in the right direction and I almost got what I want now. I really don't want to invest in Perks like that one that raises your strength +3 because I feel that Perks could be better spent, like the ROF one, -1 AP to use a weapon than waste Perks increasing Stats that you should plan out ahead of time according to your needs.

    Thanks again.
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    Endurance is pretty useless to raise past 6, the amount of hp gain difference from 8 to 6 is very little, and no good perks require higher than 6 endurance. I'd put the extra points into perception, it's alot more important than it was in previous fallout games, since line-of-sight is properly implemented. When you have that M249 SAW, you don't get the full benefit of its range unless you can see people that far away...
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    Oh, and the weapon with the highest strength requirement is 9. Raising your strength past 6 is essentially useless, by the time you'll be using weapons with a strength higher than that (M2), you'll have power armor, which raises your strength, obviously. Intelligence is also underrated, since your effectiveness with a gun largely depends on your skill rating.
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    Last post, honest. Luck is very very important, without luck of 6 you can't get bonus ranged damage, one of the best perks in this setting. Luck 6 is also needed for better criticals, more criticals, and toughness. Charisma really is useless, Divine Favor will ultimately land you maybe 3 or more extra perks by the time you finish the game, but with all your other stats so low they'll all be shitty ones.

    Here's a character to be proud of:

    Strength 6
    Perception 9
    Endurance 6
    Charisma 4
    Intelligence 6
    Agility 10
    Luck 6

    Gifted, and optionally fast shot, kamikaze, or small frame. Bruiser is a horrible horrible trait, it's in no way worth it.

    Optionally take a point out of charisma or endurance and stick it in perception.

    Good perks to take are:

    Level 3 - Toughness or optimally wait and take a higher level perk.
    Level 6 - Bonus Ranged Damage
    Level 9 - Bonus Ranged Damage
    Level 12 - Living Anatomy
    Level 15 - Bonus Rate of Fire
    Level 18 - Action Boy
    Level 21 - Action Boy

    There's a good chance you'll beat the game without getting to level 24, but if you do, take sniper obviously.

    If you took kamikaze, you'll do +55% damage with every shot, plus another +5 points of damage from living anatomy. This makes a huge difference, especially with burst weapons. Another good setup is a heavy guns character with kamikaze and fast shot, there's very little they can't kill in one turn.
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    Oh, and the weapon with the highest strength requirement is 9.

    Really? Highest I saw was 8, but I was going through it quickly, what weapon is that?
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    Re: RE: The Perfect Character? I need your advice!

    does the game add +30% rfom BonRanDmg, see the result, and than add another 25% from Kam, or 55% directly? when does the 5 points bonus from living anathomy add?
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    <s>BRD adds to the weapon's max damage statistic, I think (so 5-12 would become 5-14, for instance). Living Anatomy adds 5 damage once everything else is calculated, including bursts and resistances. Kamikaze doesn't affect damage.</s>

    This is complete bullshit.
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    Sorry, Per, but it isn't F1/2. In FoT Kami adds 25% damage instead of better sequence (cause FoT also uses realtime battles), and BRD adds +15% (percent) damage per rank.

    sabiaq, Kami bonus displayed at CHAR screen and in inventory you see already calculated damage.

    BRD doesn't show in CHAR, cause it applies only to specific weapons, but you still can see it in inventory.

    LA bonus is applied directly to hit after all calculations, IF target is living entity.

    So if you have Kami, 2xBRD and LA perks, with 100-100 weapon and unarmored target you should get something like(100*1,25*1,3)+5=167,5 damage.
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    That's what I get for trying to sort out the relevant topics from the "posts since last visit" page. Maybe I should have taken a closer look at "Divine Favor".
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    Okay...I just registered here, but based on my recent experiences in FT that I grabbed from GOG, this is my take on this.

    FT character is, IMO, a lot dependent on the other recruits. I found that what is most lacking among the recruits is the energy sniper with traps and lockpick as additional skills. It looks like this...

    Traits: Kamikaze, Gifted

    ST: 6. Enough to handle any energy weapon.
    PE: 8. Hm, does Sniper perk even work? I've heard it doesn't....
    EN: 2. This might seem crazy with Kamikaze trait, but...keep your distance and let the big dumb ones tank the enemy.
    CH: 2. I found that useless in FT. You'll have recruits with 4-5 CH anyway for barter (and Stitch has Good Natured), and with my first, 4 CH playthrough, I found myself to be more limited in recruitment by bunker/mission requirement than rank.
    IN: 9.

    Tags: Energy weapons, Lockpick, Traps. Team: Farsight, Jax, Rage, Malice, John.
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    first, i think fast shot is better than kamikaze because chance to be hit is lowered by 10. if big bad monsters normally would have (with you being a kamikaze) a 66% chance to hit you then without the kamikaze perk they get 56%. fast shot gives more damage (1AP for pulse pistol or 3AP for energy rifles) and increases chances (for reason of getting more hits) to knock down etc.

    Most important thing: i would take En=4 or En=6 or even En=8. personally, for the current build i take En=6.
    if you have En=2 then you get knocked down easier, can't take more than one drug. and hit points are low (that's the least, evident problem). i like after burner a lot. don't know how much of it can be found. voodoo is also good, just that you must play fast because it wears off after 20minutes.

    i would take strength even lower than 5. Str=2. you have the squad of recruits to further your cause: get to power armor and only then make frequent use of the energy weapons. get other stats raised. the game gets a bit more balanced, the first mission (at least) is more hardcore but it should really pay off after you get to hold energy weapons, even if you don't have power armor since you can temporarily boost strength using drugs.

    you need to understand this: only the first mission is more demanding with Str=2 in terms of attention and efficiency in figuring out the strategy but fortunately it's a quite short mission. the second mission gets easier than the first since you have good snipers available (charisma level 8 = senior initiate). it's a longer (tedious) mission but easier as an average. from the 3rd mission on... those gunners will really shine.
    (i haven't played the 4th mission yet but i guess having a team of 4 gunners is sufficient since more is a crowd, they can't sit on top of each other etc.)

    so, my take:
    Per=10. Divine Favor: Per+1=11
    En=6. being able to take 3 drugs: 3 afterburners, for example, gets you +6AP, +3Str and +3Per; very neat, eh?
    Ch=8. to make Ice, Rage, Mandy be available after the first mission (be able to pick their further perks and use them as high level recruits for the second mission. also, Ch=8 gets you Divine Favor (Perception +1 and a further boost to perk gain that pays off after level 23-24)
    Int=7. seriously, for a single gun tag you don't need more.
    Agi=8. the requirement for sniper perk. 9 action points. after burner gives 2 more AP and there are action boy perks as well.
    Lk=6. the requirement for better criticals and sniper.


    take Tunnel Rat for whole team, it makes the game less tedious. it also boosts combat logistics. it's rather frustrating to have some recruits not having Tunnel Rat so you have to wait for them to make the trip to the firing spot.

    other important perks to take yourself: Action Boy(at least 1), Better Criticals, Brof, Bonus Ranged Damage(at least 1), Sniper.

    general (personal choice) example:
    level 3 (wait 8) Tunnel Rat,
    level 6 (wait 12) Action Boy,
    level 9 (wait 12) Action Boy,
    level 12 (wait 14) Divine Favor
    level 15 Bonus rate of fire,
    level 17 Bonus Ranged Damage,
    level 19 Bonus Ranged Damage,
    level 21 Better Criticals
    level 23 (wait level 24) Sniper
    --- 1 extra perk: count Divine Favour as a Gain Perception perk
    ...if played further than level 24, on tough mode or grinding encounters, you get to pick further perks starting as early as 25!... Flexible/Dodger etc.
    (i like the tough mode option since it gets you more experience in missions, please correct me if it is not so)

    end-game recruits: Ice, Brian, Jax, Dos, Clarisse
    intermediate recruits: Ice, Brian, Rage, Mandy, Stitch/Jax

    tags: energy weapons, sneak, doctor.
    -energy weapons: 180-250, depending to your style: sneaking scout, pistoleer style or energy rifle initiator/sniper.
    -be a sneaking scout and a pistoleer but less of an initiator if you don't intend to be an energy rifle sniper. get sneak to high values for a scouting pistoleer, otherwise... leave it low.
    -leave doctor as is raised by +20 tag, don't spend skp on it, just have it as a backup to heal crippled members on the field after Stitch gets the ditch (ha!).

    take leisure on immediately spending skill points to get high small guns and the perks on Rage and Mandy as they would be ditched later. they are the mules that are sacrificed (on being built up for the first part of the game), meaning they wont have gifted, sniper, better criticals etc. they should make it just so they are left behind after you get Dos and later, Clarisse.

    recruits build:
    1. Brian (only big guns raised since he lacks perception to give bonus to ranged hits)
    perks (wait for the needed level):
    a. Tunnel Rat (wait for level 8),
    b. Gain Int (wait for level 12),
    c. Gain Lk (ditto),
    d. Gain Per (ditto),
    e. Brof,
    f. Bonus Ranged Damage,
    g. Bonus Ranged Damage,
    h. ___
    (edited: i wrote sniper here but later deleted it as i realized 8 perception is needed for sniper so... another perk goes there, maybe Action Boy or Bonus Move)

    2. Jax (only energy guns raised since he lacks perception to give bonus to ranged hits)
    perks (wait for each level needed):
    a. Tunnel Rat,
    b. Gain Per,
    c. Sharpshooter (better range),
    d. Mutate Gifted (replacing kamikaze, take gifted as late as possible, it will be needed for the next perks),
    e. Brof,
    f. Bonus Ranged Damage,
    g. Bonus Ranged Damage,
    h. Sniper

    3. Ice should be a disabling sniper/initiator and less of a damage inflicter. later in the game (and also early game, whenever the range permits to call one of her two shots) Ice should target, for example, legs to knock down and slow melee mofos or eyes/arms to cripple gunners. when things get messy and (you can't have the combat on CTB) Ice gets to disable so that you don't have to reload the saved game.
    Ice's perks (wait for each level needed):
    a. Loner (already taken),
    b. Tunnel Rat,
    c. Action Boy,
    d. Action Boy,
    e. Mutate:Gifted (at level 15+),
    f. Brof,
    g. Better Criticals,
    h. Sniper,
    (edited: another - perhaps better - option would be Rage... or even Mandy if she is to be Tagged into Big Guns or Energy Weapons with Skilled being mutated into Fast Shot)

    4. Dos is pretty much built up and you only need to figure up the last perks for him to take.

    5. Clarisse... ditto.

    Stitch can be butchered into being only a barterer: keep him from spending skill points on anything, just be in the first missions to help with the doctor side if someone gets crippled and, when he gets to level 11 take the Here and Now perk, that means he gets to level 12; then, Barter Tag!, then spend all points into barter, then take Negotiator, Salesman. or, if you don't want to level him up this way (you prefer delaying the level 11/12 for him and instead prefer to have Jax on the field so he gets more exp) then make sure to let him, Stitch, a virgin so that you level him up at each visit to the bunker so that you keep Jax with you to take combat experience. in this latter case Stitch will be less able to advance those first 10 levels to make him a tagged barterer etc.

    from what i understood... ALL available recruits (at least those you think you could take later on the field) should be taken in the squad temporarily, for a few seconds, each of them, as soon as they become available. so that you can get to pick their perks and skill points whenever a later visit is made later. the game mechanics is screwed up, it doesn't remember you had them available when they were virgins, of low level and instead automatically picks their perks. bah.
    (please correct me if i'm wrong; all available recruits get the mission bonus experience if they were recruited earlier but left back and don't automatically select perks and spend skill points at each further visit to the recruits master, right? i mean... they do get experience keeping perks and skill points unspent each time you visit the recruit master, right?)

    Big Advices:
    - pick the perks for Brian, Jax, Ice like in the example described above (delayed, same goes for yourself) and refrain from spending them stupidly (earlier).
    - try to keep skill points from being spent by Jax and Ice (do not raise skills over 100 until Gifted is taken).

    as a general rule, charisma should be either 2 or 8. if you go for Ch=2 then you should have in mind that good recruits won't be able to get you over the first missions as much as the Ch=8 and Str=2 option. Ch=2 means a harder time with poor recruits from the second mission, unable to pick perks for recruits, power armor availability is delayed; i think you can't take fusion cola... unless charisma is at least 5. so, charisma should be either 2 or 8. preferable 8.

    can someone tell me where is the YK32 pulse pistol to be found? i'm playing tactics for the first time and couldn't find an answer to this question on the interwebs yet. :)
    i'm trying to have things planned so that i can be an energy guns pistoleer.
    (well... i played FoT only a tiny bit some 10 years ago and forgot about it and now i tried the first 2-3 missions but decided to restart with a different build)
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    I disagree with quite a few things.

    STR - you won't have access to P.A. for a long time. Besides, it makes carrying all the loot away annoying, and makes using decent small guns impossible (you'll get small guns skill up to 80 anyway for sniper perk, probably via books). Yeah, you might carry your char as useless accessory all the way to the second mission in Delta after which you get first PA for sale...but that's annoying. 5,6, even 4 might do, but not 2.
    Kamikaze vs. fast shot: I like aimed shots. A lot. Since I play sniper style, both good opener in CBT and aimed shot to critical spot are more important for me than DPAP (damage per action point) and endurance. I have other chars to tank.
    Divine Favor: You are essentially spending 6 stat points to get one stat point, not limited by the 10 cap, later, and get an extra perk or two late in game. Not worth it IMO.
    LK: for the same reason as kamikaze...10 LK is necessary for me.
    INT: Loads of skill points are needed, since I use those two other tags to get skills I miss in team setup. Especially traps are important-I have no specialist in my lineup except for main char, and to get really reliable char for disarming traps, you need about 200.

    Frankly, the late game recruits, despite looking good on paper, are crap, because they have skills and perks all over the place, not focused. For me, latest recruit was John simply because all other medics have small guns skill, and without good perception for sniping that no medic has, small guns are quite useless late in game.

    I just got an idea...if character has no traits, you can add one via perk mutate, right? That would solve problems I have with a couple of chars (like Farsight, even with gain LK, missing one point to get bonus ranged damage...)

    Anyway, Pulse Pistol is available only from quartermaster after first or second mission in bunker Epsilon, if you recovered EMP protoype from Newton.
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    Dec 29, 2013
    i think having a squad of 5 members instead of 6 is not too much annoying. it's just that you have to have the right perks for them. you have access to Rage, Ice, Mandy from the start. all are good. you can go with drugs to increase strength if you don't manage, remember this. a decent Endurance makes you able to take drugs. having your choice of En=2 limits drug use to only one per mission.

    carry weight:
    loot is easily carried by that team of 5 members. you just have to pick one of them, quite randomly. your ammo and weapons should not be a problem.

    i think Clarisse and Dos being good additions to the final squad is debatable. i don't know what level their weapons skills are at but anyway... what other complete squad of recruits do you think would be better?
    if a recruit has no trait then you spend a perk to get that trait. Clarisse has 3 traits: Gifted, Fast Shot, Small Frame. i don't know what her energy and big guns skills are at but i think she should be able to shoot from large distances with high accuracy. 11 perception is no small thing, really.
    just focus on having team members taking some voodoos now and then, it really raises damage (high critical chance).

    traps: can't you just shoot them? if you need traps=200 to 'finish the game' then the whole game is a trap, really.

    i'm saying this again so that you don't miss it: use drugs, dude. Endurance should be of a decent value not only because it imparts a higher hit points increase but also because you are less likely to be knocked down etc... AND you are able to use more drugs. just think about this: 3x after burners gets you 3 strength, 6 action points (!!!) and 3 perception. isn't this nice to have?...

    luck should be no more than 6, any more is a waste. if you have 6 luck then you get to have sniper. i'd rather have En=6 and Lk=2 than En=2 and Lk=6. really.
    look at voodoo for example:
    +20% critical chance, +20% damage resistance, +2 agility, +3 luck.

    voodoo wears off after 20 minutes, just take it in the heat of the battle and when the battle is over look at the date (press D) to check when it wears off. check so that you take dinner etc. if you don't want to be caught in a battle when withdrawal occurs.

    i just finished the first mission with only Farsight and Stitch, no guns used with the STR=2 dudess. i really enjoyed it.

    forget about recruiting doctors, be a doctor yourself.

    did you give a look into the perk progression i suggested for Brian, Jax and Ice? i think those are the best perk combos you could have them.

    just use some other 2 temporary recruits for traps, lockpick etc if you really want those skills used. i guess Brian+Jax+Ice should be your best combat team mates, permanent ones, the other two should be switched from a mission to the other. and be the best combat member yourself from midgame on.

    i guess you haven't tried voodoo yet... right? just make sure you are able to get two doses, not just one. have endurance at least 4.
    (you can't take more drugs than En/2)
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    Jan 21, 2010
    1) Don't tell people they SHOULD use drugs constantly. It's not the only way to win, actually, and not the best one of them.
    2) Good luck with hardcore mode, junkie ;)

    Clarisse and Dos are pretty nice end-game recruits for those situations when you didn't manage to level your party right but want to get at least one GOOD soldier for latest missions.

    Dos is just THAT good if you didn't make a dedicated sniper as your main character.

    And again, try everything, not only save/drug/load system.
  18. adipe

    adipe First time out of the vault

    Dec 29, 2013

    i'm not saying you SHOULD use drugs. i'm just saying (even light) use of drugs may help more than you ever thought as it is obvious by your choice of EN:2. please correct me if i'm wrong. are after burner gums in a very small quantity to be found in the game? i found two of them in the first 3 missions and found them to be bought in the second bunker. how many after burner gum can be bought? how often do they appear in the merchant's list of items?

    your playstyle is how it is. i'm trying to correct major errors about stats and recruits but keeping tags as you like them. and not relying on drugs (only once in a while, not heavy use). here goes... (this is a the perfecting of your build for your style as i understood it)

    please consider this wonderful item, it lasts a whole day, you won't need to worry about side effects. you should just spend 4 days traveling before going into the next mission.
    +1 Str, +2AP, +1Per


    ST: 5. Enough to handle any small guns at the start. about mid-game, just before power armor, if some weapon requires ST:6 then go ahead and just take one after burner gum.
    PE: 8. Good choice, that's a minimum for a slow sniper (no fast shot); sniper works but is only available at level 24.
    EN: 4. This allows to make the best use of the Kamikaze trait because if you want to be the most damage inflicting 'recruit' for the brotherhood you might consider taking a second after burner gum or combined with voodoo.
    CH: 2. good choice about taking the minimum. it's either 2 or 8 for CH. get the loner perk, it rocks!
    IN: 9. i think if you want to raise traps to high values and raise lockpick too then... there's no point debating this.
    AG:8. Agility is not too much value to raise to higher than 8. +2 gives only one action point which can be got by the action boy perk. remember the after burner gum, you get +2AP for each dose of that wonderful drug.
    LK:6. It gets you 6% chance of critical unless a targeted shot is made. when targeted shots are made luck is not multiplied by the second factor, it just adds up. so, a shot to the eyes gets +30% critical chance and that adds up to your 6% (instead of 10%). LK:6 is the requirement for the level 24 sniper which would guarantee each shot to the eyes to be critical with LK:6. any more than LK:6 brings very small advantages.


    the minimum recommended values for your playing style:

    - my best advice should be to keep LK:6 and not LK:10.
    - next good advice: keep ST to 5 because for a good part of the game you won't need more and that little drug works miracles, really. it has a very low cost in terms of planning and high outcome in terms of boosting combat performance. better increase intelligence by +1 instead of taking ST:6.
    - next advice would be to consider taking PE:10 as it boosts BOTH small guns skills AND energy weapons skill by +32. it has some other nice effects like seeing better around, seeing through walls, detecting sneaking mofos etc.
    so, final suggestion:

    Tags (your pick, non-debatable): Energy weapons, Lockpick, Traps.
    Team (your pick, debatable): Farsight, Jax, Rage, Malice, John.

    keep only one small guns sniper after mid-game. I think Ice would be the best one if Rage is developed as a thief so that you don't keep him as a permanent member in the squad. keep Rage if you don't spend skill points into his steal. replace Malice with Dos when he becomes available. try to develop Brian from early on.
    final team:
    Team (my suggestion): Jax(Energy), Brian(BG), Dos(Energy), John(BG), and a fifth recruit...

    the fifth recruit should be the small guns sniper developed from early on (Rage with no skill point spent into steal or Ice if Rage is screwed into becoming a thief) until end-game when Clarisse will be available and should be preferred.
    i don't think you need more than 2 disabling snipers (no fast shot). one is you, the other is Dos - which can inflict damage as well because he has energy weapons.

    reasons for Clarisse being a good candidate
    : she raises Agility for the whole party by +1. some of the recruits may be getting an extra action point because of that. and she also has good skills, stats, and a few good perks. Clarisse has many perks so, even if some of the perks are bogus there are some that do fit nicely.

    this should work best with your playing style. i hope it helps.

    so, the perfect character depends on your playing style. my perfect character is not your perfect character etc. but your perfect character can be improved by offering arguments to help you get information you had not thought about or got yet.
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  19. adipe

    adipe First time out of the vault

    Dec 29, 2013
    a final suggestion: play on tough option. you level up faster. right? i read it is so on the interwebs...
    it also makes you (by means of restricting) experience the game more intensely. the only downside for me is that it doesn't permit saving if some real life event takes place and you need to shut down the computer etc.

    so, i guess it should make sense to have faster level-up on tough mode.
  20. TwoEyedYum

    TwoEyedYum Naked Moose

    Jan 21, 2010
    Yes, it works like that. 200% exp gain and you can save only in missions tagged "is bunker" in FT Tools. That would make no difference for vanilla game, but whatever...