The Technomancer, 2016 AA Action-RPG from Spiders

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    Mar 7, 2020
    What is your opinion about it guys?

    So I've completed the game, took me about 25 hours.

    There are parts of the game that are pretty nice. Personally, I loved the combat, the setting, the music, and the atmosphere. The dialogues between some of the characters are awesome as well (such as the master and his students, the way he introduces you to the world, and the scarcity of life). The storyline and the whole premise of the world are interesting together with a few companions that hold well.

    The main bad part is backtracking. You constantly need to return to the first city you start in, Ophir, where all the enemies getting respawned. Man...

    I think this game reminds me of one of my most favorite games of all time - LBA 2. The different stances, that backtracking to the same environments, something in the storytelling, maybe some Spiders employees are from Adeline? Both are (were) French studios.

    If you looking for a nice RPG experience, worth the few bucks it costs now imho (maximum - you can always click on quit).