The Velanian Crisis, a mod for GZDOOM by ADoomedSpaceMarine

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    Jun 8, 2022
    In looking for a video about setting up GZDOOM on linux ive come across a mod that i thought as pretty fun, it modernises movement and combat and adds new weapons and dynamics.

    so far ive tried it with Doom 2 and heretic and both have worked well, only issue being with heretic where i couldnt switch to the base games weapons, though im sure thats something that can be fixed.
    the movement reminds of the movement in blood, being quite bouncy, so i think id liked to see more like aspects of blood's gameplay come to the mod.

    weapons showcase:
    gameplay demo(outdated):
    The LINUX GZDOOM Tutorial:
    (i apologise if this post is low quality its my first time making a thread)