They filmed a Fallout 4 promo very close to me

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    Jun 17, 2015
    And I had no idea AND my friend works there. Gosh dangit.

    TURNERS FALLS — A six-person crew from London-based Barcroft Media visited Turners Falls Tuesday to film a promotional video at the Strathmore Complex for the new “Fallout” video game — “Fallout 4” — set to be released next month.
    The game is set in post-apocalyptic Massachusetts where everything is abandoned, according to producer Jack McKay, who spoke at this week’s Board of Selectmen meeting.
    “We’re putting together a promo video which kind of publicizes that,” McKay said. “We’ve got an urban explorer who’s taking us through some abandoned structures in Massachusetts where the game is set, talking about these structures and why they’re important — how we learn about the past through living relics.”
    The crew received permission from the Turners Falls Airport Commission to fly drones over the site to film aerial shots of the vacant mill and McKay said the video will include a backstory about the structure.
    “To make it as visually interesting as possible, we want to go into the basement, have him exploring around,” McKay said. “The idea is these are structures that will be left when there’s no people around.”