Thinking of a heavy weapons build

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    Nov 8, 2018
    I've been using a holorifle-based build for the longest time and been thinking of switching things up to keep the game interesting. The big thing is whether I want to go back to a guns build or stick with energy weapons. I don't bother with explosives other than the odd grenade and laying down mines right before the final battle of Lonesome Road.

    If sticking with energy weapons, I might give Tesla cannons, Gatling lasers, plasma casters, and arc welders a shot. To date, I have never used any of these weapons nor flamethrowers except for The Smitty Special. Even that I only used once just to see what it did. I make it a point to scoop up Elijah's Tesla cannon during Old World Blues but it's always been for bragging rights.

    If going with guns, I might use heavy gun/sidearm combos that use the same ammo (i.e., Bozar with That Gun, K9000 with any .357 Magnum revolver, SMMG with Sleepytyme). That way, I have fewer shell casing, powder, and primer types to juggle at reloading benches. Anything outside my loadout, I'll just break down, keep the lead, and sell the rest of the components. Or give it to companions.
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    Dont forget to use mods that fix the glowing dust pile from energy crit kills