Tis The Season! A Special Treat For NMA.(Lost Media Recovered, A Lost Fallout Video Essay)

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    Hey everybody I just wanted to share something really interesting, consider this a Christmas gift!

    Let me tell you all a quick story:
    Back in late 2009 a video game journalist named Ethan Quin did a two part article/video essay for a website called MediaConsumesMe, detailing the history of the Fallout series while also reviewing almost every game in the franchise.

    NOTE: He didn't review Fallout: BOS because he never played it.


    After the release of that article, a few years later sometime around I think 2013 or 2014,
    (I'm basing this off of my memory btw)
    MediaConsumesMe shuts down due to the sudden passing of the website's founder and owner George Gumpert. And as the website became defunct, the videos of Ethan's history and review of the Fallout series were removed off of YouTube, and the articles(really the transcript of the videos) were lost in the process.

    They remained lost for the time being until 2015, where someone by the name Navuek reuploaded them to their YouTube Channel, but sadly that was for a time because those were sadly removed as well.

    And when it all seemed like those videos were lost forever, in 2020 somebody finally reuploaded them again on YouTube! Both parts were merged into one video.

    Here's the link to it:

    So that's it, enjoy this deep dive look into the Fallout series during the pre-New Vegas era, and when the franchise first reached the mainstream gaming spotlight! :)

    Oh and before I go, here's two Fun Facts about this video essay/article:
    1. After the release of the first part of the article and while working on the second one, he actually consulted the members of this very website for their insights and info!

    Links to the original threads:



    2. I've been a Fallout Fan since 2012, and so around that time THESE videos were my first exposure to what the rest of the series was like. Also, the shout out that Ethan gave this website at the end of part 2, was the first time I've ever heard about NMA. And NGL, that's a pretty good way to be introduced to this website am I right!?

    So in conclusion, enjoy this lost Fallout Video Essay, and have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    Cheers No Mutants Allowed, let's see what 2023 has in store for us. PEACE! 8-)
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    Thanks! Didn't remember.
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