Todd Howard 'Crossing the Alps (or Appalachians)' picture

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    Apr 8, 2012
    There's a picture in Vixon's Shovels Museum . in Fallout 4. There's a shovel carried by one of Napoleon Bonaparte's 'Old Guard'.. and an easter egg to Todd Howard. (Betty's boss) as Consul Premiere Napoleon Bonaparte (By then he was one of the Big Three 'Consuls' of the French Republic. not yet an Emperor)..... but it's not a simple facial or personal replacements. also costumes..) in a painting that looks ALOT similar to Jean Louis David's works. (JL David also did 3 or 5 slightly different versions of the same paintings)

    The original JL David's works . Napoleon himself wearing First Consul uniform with red cape. an iconic propaganda similar to 'George Washington Crossing the Delaware'.

    And Todd Howard in all his glory (and Modders Favorite decor choices)

    Not quite the same costume. Different Bicorne. Is that a uniform of US Army General of the same era? (Todd Howard is American) and to be specific. IS that Andrew Jackson's costume instead of Le Consul Premiere? (American hero of the same era)

    And is there a mod that includes the exact uniform with bicornes? I also saw a mod that there's an alternate Minutemen General uniform modelled after the War of 1812 era outfit (Boston was also a battleground. where Fort McHenry protects.. and this was a moment where Amercans got their National Anthem).