Tofu Brains: Life on Zeeta 21 -> self-published sci-fi novel (Fallout tribute)

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    Apr 25, 2023

    Greetings, all!

    I'm a huge Fallout fan since 1997, and that passion turned into a book. 15 years in the making, Tofu Brains: Life On Zeeta 21 finally got released!

    I managed to send physical copies both to Leonard Boyarsky, Jason Anderson and Josh Sawyer!!!!

    It's a dark, dystopian sci-fi novel. The core is very much inspired by Canticle for Leibowitz and the perfect Ayn Rand-esque society where huge corporations are let free without any moral boundaries. Think of it like Lars von Trier in morose its funny kind of thing.
    It wanted it to be very much character-driven. So more about the people who live in the world, what they feel and experience. Rather than focus on the technical plausibility of everything. I.e. less Jules Verne and more Phillip K. D***.

    Naturally, it has tooons of nerd references to everything that's good in life. There's a super obscure reference to Fallout: New Vegas (a particular side-kick) and a less-hidden nod to Fallout2. Honestly, I'll send a free copy of the book to the first of you who PMs me the replies.

    It all started from an idea I had back in 2007, when I wrote about 50 pages of back-story. I ended up scrapping most of the (rather silly) content, but the title and main character remained. The world he inhibits just got more hostile as time went on. Life happens, eh?
    Also has alot of me in it, as a reflection on the painful experiences I've had to endure...

    It's a fully self-published ordeal, so ANY supporting the book directly or sharing with your network is GREATLY appreciated. I'm trying to get it out on various sci-fi forums etc.
    Please spread it as much as you can!! And leave a review!!
    It was a rough time getting the book ready, working intensely with the editor and artist for about 8 months towards the end...but so worth since now ITS OUT on Amazon and

    Amazon (Kindle/paperback/hardcover) Tofu Brains: Life on Zeeta 21: 9789492563972: Koch, Lars, Wong, Bonnie, Bedulenko, Max, P. Lobo, Douglas, Luro, Armand: Books

    American Book Center (NL/paperback)
    Tofu Brains: Life on Zeeta 21 | Lars Koch | 9789492563972 (

    Oh, and I should mention the extraordinary art done by Max Bedulenko ArtStation - Max Bedulenko (Underrail, Colony Ship) and Water in Black

    Hope you can check it out or spread it in your network.

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    In the past I have donated many books to my local public library. If I donated a book inspired by Ayn Rand the librarians would torch it.
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    Apr 25, 2023

    Her idealized visions of the 'perfect man' and 'perfect society' which becomes separated from the rest, gave me some good ideas for how huge corporations would work in Tofu Brains. The main one, The Arand Corporation (TM) funds Zeeta 21, a mission which sends a city full of the 'best and brightest' survivors from post-apocalyptic earth into space to (hopefully) thrive and flourish.

    I juxtaposed Arand with the Monastery of Our Good Lord, a group of zealous monks who serve as the Earth's last bastion for communication and negotiation between the bickering nation states. They believe in the good of Man, and worships ancient technology in the hopes that man will transcend his suffering and finally realize his full potential on earth (to live peacefully in harmony with mother earth). They also, however, develop and produce all the weapon-technology used in the world, and are funded by Arand primarily, and to a lesser extent, the remaining nation states.
    One monk in particular, Brother Francis, has a undying belief in the Zeeta expedition and especially the main character of the story, Sunny Bridges...

    The Monastery was inspired by Canticle for Leibowitz which, in turn, inspired the Fallout-team (Jason Anderson specifically --> here's my Wiki article on him) to make the Brotherhood of Steel.