Torment is released... Start Fallout 3.... please?!

Discussion in 'General Gaming and Hardware Forum' started by Guest, Jan 14, 2000.

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    Okay... AD&D games are all good and proper, but enuf is enuf! Give it a break for a while and start Fallout 3 and then maybe 4... that's what I think Black Isle should do, anyway.

    Mr Snuffle
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    Actually, I belive that Black Isle is working on Icewind Dale, not Planescape. I wouldn't expect them to begin work on F3 until ID is out.
  3. Yeah...but icewind dale is almost finished and ready to released...and what about rumour that they going some new project this "fall"...?

    Let's hope that's fallout 3
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    I've visited the ID board. The BIS guys said it was just a personal opinion of JE sawyer's, and it is in no way official.

    But let's hope it really IS their next project :)
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    Dont americans call a certain season " the Fall " ??

    didnt they say that they would be starting next fall , being the season ..... not the game ?????

    well lets just hope that they are talking about starting FO3 next fall....hmmm
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    Apr 24, 2003
    >Dont americans call a certain season
    >" the Fall " ??

    Fall is autumn in american. And I too hope they'll start on fallout this fall. Then we might even see it in 2002. I hope I'll have a good earning job at that time and a new computer that can actually run it :-)