Trouble with saving Screenshots in windows 10

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Hey guys, Recently my old computer completely crashed and I was forced to buy a new windows 10 machine. Overall I am very happy with the new computer, but I still prefer window 7... Anyways I encountered a troubling new problem. Something happened in the past few days that prevents me from saving FOT screenshots to the ...core/screenshots/ folder. When I hit the PrtScrn key the game says 'screenshot saved' but when I look in the folder there are no files showing. I can't access the files. However when I use oldschool photoshop 6.0 , I can still open the files and they are visible in the proper directory.

    So I tried to 'save as' (in Photoshop 6.0) to a different name in a different directory. It saves the file, but when I go to look in the new directory for the new file, it is also again invisible. Something has happened to cause the files to become hidden or invisible and unable to access them.

    I have probably inadvertently clicked the wrong button in one of the many many MANY annoying dialog boxes that are always opening up and asking me for windows 10 access here or there or whatever.

    Any Ideas on how to restore this feature. I already attempted a system restore, but the problem persist. It's weird cause it was all working fine a few days ago.

    For now I have found a work around, but now I really gotta work to get the screenshot and it saves it to a crappy new directory instead of the FOT/core/screenshots folder. I liked it when it was a one key save to the proper folder... Any technical help would be geatly appreciated
  2. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Ok now, I seemed to have figured it out and have it working again. But some very weird stuff happens with windows 10 and photoshop 6.0. It's like the files were saved in a ghost directory... and only photoshop 6.0 had access to the purgatory folder.
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    Download 7-Zip and go to C:\\Users\ *You* \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\ *Your Fallout Tactics folder* \core\screenshots - Your screenshots will be there, Windows 10 uses a virtual folder ( C:\\Users\ *You* \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ ) to store temporary files. I'm not sure how to stop this or if its even possible to stop for your Programs Files folders but I moved my Fallout Tactics folder to my other HDD so it doesn't do this. Moving your game folder to your desktop will fix this as well. I noticed you can only see the virtual folder in 7-Zip, why Microsoft tries to hide this folder is beyond me. :wtf:

    Hope this helps Xkcon!!
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