Fallout 2 mod Trouble with Spawning Script

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    Nov 18, 2021
    Hi all,

    Was hoping someone could help me with this :salute:

    I want to add a new feature for my Companion Expansion Mod where, if the player divorces Miria, she will join either Metzger (Den) or Vortis (NCR) as a slaver, or find religion and join the Hubologists in San Francisco.

    After the "Player Was Married" Gvar is set, 1 of 3 factions/locations (Den, NCR or San Fran) is chosen randomly and Miria should spawn in that map once the player enters.

    I've made a global script (also used for NPCs in this mod) for this to happen but, after extensive testing, it only works a few times -- Miria is no where to be seen for the rest.

    There are two sfall variables in the script: one for when a faction is chosen and one for when Miria is spawned in the new map. For the failed attempts I checked the debug log (plus Fallout 2 Explorer) and it indicates that the faction variable has been set successfully but the spawning one didn't trigger.

    Miria's script (built using @debrouxl 's updated version of Endocore's mod) also has a condition where if she is sold as a slave to Metzger she will join his crew after a couple of weeks, I don't believe there should be any conflicts but thought it was worth noting.

    I've been trying to figure out the cause of this for the last two days but I'm at my wits end and was hoping if a seasoned modder could direct me to the issue in my scripts :lol:

    I'll upload both the global script and Miria's script.

    PS. Sorry for the verbose description, I probably could've condensed it a bit more.

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  2. Goat_Boy

    Goat_Boy Still Mildly Glowing

    Nov 18, 2021
    Figured what the issue was. Sorry for opening a needless thread and thank you to anybody who checked the script.