Fallout 2 mod Tutorial to Create Basic Quests and NPCs

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    Sep 18, 2020
    I compiled an easy to read PDF guide that covers the following topics:

    • Updating your copy of Fallout 2 with Killap's Restoration Project 2.3.3 and Burn's Restoration Project Update v16.
    • Installing the SFall Script Editor 4.1.3 and BIS Mapper.
    • Updating SFall and gathering all up-to-date source script files to compile without errors.
    • Creating an NPC and basic fetch quest.

    The PDF Table of Contents:

    -Getting Started-
    Installing Patches and Updating Fallout 2
    Extracting and Exploring Files For Modding

    -Fallout 2 Programming-
    Using the Script Source Files
    Booleans and Operators
    Macros and Commands

    -Creating an NPC-
    Mary (Part 1)
    Consistent Dialog
    Dialog .msg Files
    Dialog .int Files
    Customizing Dialog Files and Procedures
    Mary (Part 2)
    Quests on the Pip-Boy
    Mary (Part 3)

    -NPC Checklist-

    (Thank You!)

    Edit: Thank you for your feedback, Lexx and NovaRain! My guide was really outdated and incorrect. Here is an updated version and a hopefully better guide.

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    Ok, you are *really* going indepth there with even explaining what comments are... Not sure if people who never wrote a single line of code will be able to follow this in the first place.

    Two things to note, after flying over the first few pages:
    1. Node999 is not necessary to exit a dialog. Any empty procedure will do that, it's just that BIs tool always exited on Node999 and thus it became some sort of standard.

    2. Delete all this stuff about watcom compiler. The Sfall script editor has everything that is necessary to compile scripts, including up to date compiler files which are necessary if you want to use certain Sfall features.

    /edit: Data folder does not need to be set to read only. It's only important for the proto folder.
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  3. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Looks nice, some info are a bit outdated though.
    For example, the new Open Watcom is a better choice as the alternative C preprocessor for scripts than old commercial version of Watcom.
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    Nov 22, 2015
    Thank you very much RaySunderland. Yesterday I stumbled upon this great piece of knowledge while searching for more Fallout modding stuff to learn from. I learned alot from your Guide. It'd be great if you'd expand your Guide with more content to learn from :)