Using drugs to boost stats for prerequisites

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  1. Stalos

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    May 3, 2008

    I played Fallout 1 and 2 years ago, and recently I got a hold of Tactics. I never played it, but since I loved the first two I thought it would be nostalgic and new. I like it thus far, but for me, half the game is building the character I want. So My question is about drugs.

    In the previous two game, you could use drugs to boost you're stats and meet the requirements for a perk. Does this work in tactics? I want to make a fairly good CHA leader who will take divine favor, but CHA 8 is a little wasteful, and if I could instead take CHA 7 and use mentats to boost CHA when I need it, well, obviously that would be the best.

    Finally, any general suggestions about the game would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Janmanden

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    Jan 7, 2008
    I really don't know or remember if.. cheesy buff tactics work that way. I've never really used stims in any of my games.

    But if half of the game is building the character you want, then the other hallf will be the building of the recruits you want. :wink:

    If you swap all the recruits of the Recruits master in and out of your team at least once and as soon as new ones appear, then they will get the same exp as the ones in your active party as well. If you don't do the swapping I/O, the other recruits will just become more and more useless as time and levels pass them.

    A lot of the recruits don't have any traits, but they can still be mutated and gifted.

    You can store all your loot in the various lockers, pile it up until you've created a skilled trader. Vehicles can also be used as storage for loot.

    You can use the steal skill on any of your team members, when you need to swap items easily from one to the other.

    If you need to play around a little with perks, I've made this handy little online tool mentioned at
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    Sep 24, 2007
    My experience on recruits:

    When you view any recruit for the very first time, and if they have gained enough experience to level up since they became available, the computer will level them up, pick perks, etc. This is generally a bad idea. I've seen a level 14 Farsight with only two perks (Gain Strength and Heave Ho!) and a lot of points into Repair.

    If you go into the recruit pool, leave, and re-enter, all recruits will be reset to the point they were at the last time they were actively in your squad. If you've never had them out of the pool, they'll reset to their starting stats.

    So here's how I found to dodge this. I just tested it all again to make sure before posting this up.

    Enter the recruit pool. Select a recruit and move them into your squad, but don't leave the pool. Then click "View". Once you have done this, you can move them back into the pool and the computer won't level them for you anymore and experience doesn't reset. If you come back later and view that recruit again, you'll see they've leveled but no points have been spent or perks taken yet. So if you take him officially into your squad (leaving the pool) you can level him up however you want.

    An important thing: They must be in your squad (within the recruit pool screen) for this to work. Viewing them while they're sitting on the left side of the screen won't.

    Another important thing: If you leave the pool, any recruits you haven't viewed on this visit will reset, even if you've done it before.

    A not so important but good to remember thing: If a recruit ever does get reset, the whole mess with the computer levelling them up starts all over again.

    SO... Every time you visit the recruit pool, cycle all the recruits through your squad, viewing each one in turn. Then you can do any actual recruiting you need to do. It is also a good idea to keep track of when new recruits are about to show up, so you can get to them before the computer gets a chance to level them up. If you keep it up, you can have initiate recruits with huge amounts of skill points waiting to be spent and perks to take.

    Hope this makes some kind of sense.