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    Markus gives a severe look to the woman in front of him. "Oh, these pants? You see, we are collectors of old vault technology. Since you seem to know so much about vaults, you don't happen to know any vaults in the area, do you? Or perhaps people who trades or collects this stuff like ourselves? As you can see we already have vault suits, those are of no interest ot us, we are interested in tech, more specifically computer parts specific to vaults, perhaps water purification systems."

    His tone showed slight irony, like saying "I don't give a damn if you believe me or not". Markus was not about to give away the location of the vault to anyone, specially with those mutants running around.
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    Having shouldered her pack and returned, Lyla had to admit she didn't think as much of the one who still hadn't even given his name. Maybe that was because by the time she'd come back all he had for her was a frown, obfuscation and then trawling for information about anything involving a vault. Water purification systems in particular? Rolling her eyes from behind her sunnies, she retorted, "you're just collectors of old Vault-Tek from a village down south, one of you wearing a jumpsuit for no reason other than you just happen to be. You just happen to be after Vault-Tek in regard to water purification systems, doesn't sound like you're from a Vault at all."

    "You'd think that this was the first time a Vault had sent people topside looking for resources they needed. Doubt they crapped on with such terrible explanations though, village down south. Faaaugh, I'd bet my left nut if I had one that you could not name that village but a bet implies there'd be a chance I was wrong." Scornful, she added, "you'd better work out a better lie by the time you meet other people or not bother lying at all. You'll look a right mark if you try that elsewhere and that is the sort of trouble you won't want."

    Looking to Ramses, her face relaxed as she asked, "I don't suppose you'd like to try a different tact before I start walking in the other direction?"
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    Instead of playing along the woman decided to be confrontative. Why was she so interested in them admitting they came from a vault? Markus paranoia grew ever stronger. First thing he faces out of the vault is creatures and mutants trying to kill him, now there was someone trying to get him to reveal information about the vault. If this was the way the woman was trying to get Markus's trust she was failing rapidly. Markus knew when someone was trying to get information out of him and the woman in front of him either didn't seem to get the hint he was giving none, or she did and was now trying her luck with Ramses. He knew the man was smart enough not to reveal such sensitive thing, but he decided to take no chances and make things clear.

    "By all means, please do, if all you are going to do is smart-ass me into giving you information and give none yourself. We understand we might be new out here, and you noticed it, but we are not stupid. My friend asked *you* where you are from and you keep avoiding the question, yet you keep being inquisitive and not satisfied with the answer we gave you. You seem to be smart enough to notice we are not telling you the whole truth, yet not smart enough to realize it is because we don't *want* to tell you. For all I know you are just another taker trying for me to give up to you the location of our vault for you kind to raid, and you seem strangely interested in us admitting we come from one. So tell me, do you have any friends with you? Perhaps one of them already has me in his sights, just know I don't intend to die without taking someone with me..."
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    Laughing as she removed her sunnies, Lyla looked briefly at the other man as she shook her head at him. "You really are obnoxious, are you going to keep lairing it up? Ramses asked where I was from, I'm from Eureka like I said, it's out west like I said. I don't like being lied to and you don't seem to like being caught out lying and now you're going deadset tropo. You seem to have a lot to say about what Ramses thinks with we this and we that, but I'd like to actually hear him speak for himself because he's actually polite and gave his name unlike you and you are being difficult for the sake of it. Maybe that is the way things are in your Vault but up here it's a different matter. Now shush and let Ramses speak."

    Turning back to Ramses as she exhaled, she smiled without the insultingly amused edge she'd had with the other man. "Now where were we. So, it seems you are from a Vault. Despite your clacker's paranoia, I'm not particularly interested in where it is. I would point out to you though that you'll definitely not want to be caught out in that gear. This area is a little friendler than other states I've been in when it has come to Vaults, but you will get mixed reactions. Any group that is large enough to think they can take a Vault and is belligerent will want to get their hands on you to find the location to raid it. I've come across vaults before where it has been entirely stripped of anything useful, others were . . . well, it wasn't pretty. Mutants like the ones you just came across like to take guys like you for meat, or if they're a bit smarter and have access to some of the stuff, they'll dip you and you'll end up like them. Most of them are aggressive like those trolls you just came across, but there are some who have managed to retain their intelligence and aren't a threat. Or are more of a threat, really depends on the situation."

    "Apart from changing your gear, if they sent you with any old world money it is worthless. Bottlecaps are the currency in most places, except for a few states that have their own currency. Doubt you'll ever reach one of them though, not if you're just running an errand for a Vault."

    Looking out across the horizon to see that nothing was approaching yet, Lyla turned back to Ramses. "So, why are you up here for your Vault? Space Cadet said that you had an interest in water purification?"
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    Ramses caught the ammo back and nodded. More ammo for him, still the gesture seemed to gain favor. Her words rang true with his first feelings of being outside the Vault. These suites were too bright and too sterile looking. He would be happier actually in his old fatigues, but that wasn't going to happen now.

    He gave Markus a smile, "She got you there, Markus. Okay, seems good old square dealing. You don't have to draw her map, but maybe she can help and she did sit and talk with us and not spare fish us with her rifle." Ramses understood why Markus had to lie; the Vault-Tec Sec Chief had given them the whole run down of Vault Operational security and how the lives of many rested on speed,secerecy and clandestine crap.

    Ramses looked to Lula, "Since Markus is a good man, but a Company Man; don't worry, Mark you can tell Sec I peached. As I said, I am Ramses. Ramses Deckard, Staff Sergeant, United States Army that was... And we are on the search for a Water control chip and-or GECK. Chicken or the egg or both to save the Vault." he hoped the truth as colorful as it sounded was enough to placate Lyla. He liked her, but he also had this deep buried instinct that they would need her.
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    Straight talking she definitely appreciated more.

    "Alright, so something is busted. Gimme a sec."

    Kneeling, she placed her rifle on the ground then shucked off her pack. Opening it up, she had to root about a little but what she was after soon came to her and she withdrew the map of the area from her bag. She'd managed to scavenge it from an information centre, on it were pencilled a bunch of different notes from places she had been or heard information about that was noteworthy. With any luck it'd send them in the right direction, well, Ramses at least. Opening it up she gestured for the other two to come have a look, it was easier this way than just describing it.

    "Now, we are here." Lyla pointed to where they were on the map, south side of the river. "Now as to what you'd be after . . . you've got several chances but they're small and for different reasons. Over here to the south-west is Vault 87. It is irradiated as hell and mutants are drawn to that place, some people I've spoken to have told me that they reckon the mutants actually come from there. I wasn't really that keen to check it out by myself so I've given it a wide berth, even without mutants I don't want to start glowing in the dark. I could not tell you where the entrance is."

    "Down further south is a place called Megaton, it'd be a good settlement for you to visit if you want to see what work is going around and maybe even get some better equipment, you'll need caps for that though. Other reason Megaton is important is just to the north-west of it here," Lyla shifted her finger, "is Vault 101. They opened up a little while ago and started trading, I doubt they'll have what you're after simply because Vaults hoard their tech like mad. Anything that is necessary for them to continue functioning they are going to be loathe to hand over. But they might be a good stop for you while you're still in your Vault gear, they may be more receptive to people from another Vault. I'm headed there myself on some business if you wanted to tag along."

    "South-East of there is Jefferson Memorial. The Brotherhood of Stee- wait, you wouldn't know them. They're an organisation out this way that have high-tech and big guns, the chapter out this way is also a lot friendlier than elsewhere and accept people from outside the Brotherhood into their order. The reason they're important is because they've occupied this site and they have a working purifier which they've used to cleanse the entire area, water out here you shouldn't need a geiger counter for, you'll still want to boil it but otherwise you're good."

    "They might be able to point you in the right direction but I advise you go to the Citadel here where the Brotherhood is based rather than to the purifier itself. This is the only cleansed source of water I have come across, the Brotherhood takes the protection of that place very seriously and might fire first if spooked. Also, once again you might want to be careful about your background there. Even though these guys are friendly, they still prioritise old tech and that might include your Vault."

    "There are plenty of other places, but you'll find them for yourselves. Also be wary of slavers, they don't tend to range this far south too often, particularly now that the Brotherhood is on the rise, but you'll want to watch yourselves." Rolling up her map, she replaced it in her bag and shouldered it before taking up her rifle and putting on her sunnies once more.

    "Like I said, I'm heading to Vault 101 if you want to come along. Otherwise, my advice is Megaton, take that missile launcher and sell it there. Woman by the name of Moira will buy. Met her when I passed by there, she's a bit crazy but she'll buy most stuff and can fix nearly anything she lays her hands on and you'll want the caps."

    Laying the rifle over her shoulder easily, she nodded at Ramses. "Take care of yourself and don't let figjam over there get you down."

    At that she turned and began heading south.
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    Ramses was already taking mental notes about the personalities of the Capital Wastelands. If time permitted, he would make it a point to make contact with the Brotherhood of Steel folks. The Ex-Soldier knew that after this mission was done, he wouldn't have a place among the Vault Dwellers. And he would be damned if he were to be flash frozen like some TV dinner after the Sec Chief and the Overseer clapped him on the back and droned on about a job well done. What he planned to do was make sure Markus got back to the Vault safe and alive, give him the option of joining him or taking his chances with the Vault.

    Breaking that thought away, Ramses took note of the locations Lyla mentioned and some notes. The biggest note was that on a group called the Slavers. Appearently when the world burned itself to death, slavery reared its ugly head once more. That was on his to do list.

    Ramses had the good feeling about her. Markus was right, of course, to not tell her the whole line - after all, this was a brave new world. Still, sometimes when in doubt, you had to go for broke. He turned to Markus, "She gave us the nickle cent tour of what we need to know. I am still for the original plan and head to Vault 106. It is closer. What I am proposing is we ask her to join us. She obviously knows this place. It gives us more credibility and also, allows us to further blend in." Glancing at Lyla as she was walking away, "however, your play. I back you either way."
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    "Yeah, she knows much, and we don't, that's a kind of disadvantageous situation I don't want to be in. Next thing you know she's guiding us wherever she wants, and we're spilling the beans about our vault, hook line and sinker for every little stinker. She seemed to value honesty way too much, but was that a two way deal or all the honesty had to come from us? I don't know about you, but I don't like feeling the interrogation room lamp aimed right at my face by someone who doesn't get when something is none of their business."

    Markus updates his map.

    "That Vault 87 is going to be a problem, it's too close to the vault. Alright, 106 it is. We first have to get to this intersection here and then take left, or we can take a shotcut trough a waste disposal here, I have no idea how the place looks now but cahnces are it's going to be radioactive. Let me know when you are ready to move."
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    Ramses looked at the Waste Disposal site. It was the quickest way, but probably not the safest. Still, they had options and they would take them. "We got Geiger counters and some anti-rad drugs. If it gets bad, we will scout a better path." The Rocket launcher wasn't that heavy. They could drag it along for the time being. Who knows, maybe they had to blow open a few doors or monsters along the way. The theory of 'There is Always a Bigger fish,' kept appearing in his mind. Something his father had said a few times. "As for Vault 87. I think we will see what we see when we have time. If the Rad count is as high as the Eureka Woman said, it would be a crap-shoot even if they were filled to the gills with Water-Control-Chips and GECKS. Godbless Vault-Tec and the shipping errors."

    It would be nice to be greeted by fellow Vault Dwellers but why did Ramses have this deep seated feeling that Vault 106 may not be what it was cracked up to be. Probably paranoia.

    "Lead the way,"
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    Off to the waste disposal it was. They took the path to what it became a small canyon, sun was beginning to hide, it was magic hour. At one of the canyon's turns Markus had the good sense to peek before venturing in. And there it was, a shape that sent terror down his veins. A figure, taller than a mutant, but leaner, with horns like a devil, sharp teeth, and huge claws... those claws... they looked like could easily rip a man in half just and tear him apart, dicing him into chunks.

    The animal, if he could call him that, seemed wounded by a previous fight, it was bleeding. "If it bleeds, you can kill it." Markus thought. It skin seemed thick, like a bear, or a lion, and like with those animals he figured only a high powered rifle could hope to pierce it. The figure was standing just behind a chained fence door with a padlock, locking the way into the waste disposal. Suddenly, like if the animal could feel he was being watched, it turned it's head and looked towards where Markus was. The creature's eyes were mesmerizing, and Markus had to fight with all his will to pull himself back behind the corner.

    "You are not going to believe this" Markus whispered in a very low voice, and signaled Ramses to take a look.

    "Any ideas?"


    Back at Vault 113:

    Overseer: "Yes, come in."
    Medical officer: "It's the spy person, sir."
    Overseer: "Oh, the one the security chief told me about. Any news on his condition?"
    Medical officer: "He finally got out of the coma sir, no signs of physical or brain damage."
    Overseer: "Ah, good, good. With him our chances increase greatly. We'll have him rendezvous with our team topside, we can't afford not to use someone with his skills. I'll feed him some lines about this being vital for the survival not just of the Vault, but of our nation. His file lists him as very patriotic. Send him to the screening room as soon as he's ready."


    Just as Markus was waiting for Ramses's answer, he is suddenly startled by a voice coming out of his Wattz Electronics 2043B Radio Communicator. The volume was on minimum, but the situation made it sound too loud still. Markus hurried away from the canyon corner and somewhere he could hopefully respond without alerting the creature.

    "What was that again?"
    "We are sending someone to your location, it is vital you meet with him before proceeding with your mission."
    "Great, this is just great." Mark says to himself, and then presses the transmit on his radio. "I'm sending you my coordinates, copy?"
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    Ramses had thought again about the bigger fish theory his father had told him about. Big Mutants and now hellspawn. Taking his PIPBoy Kodak, Ramses took a surveillance photo of the beast.

    Ducking down, Ramses looked to Markus, "The good times don't stop.." And then the radio crackles to life. Great, New orders from the Boss'.
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    The nightmare rips John out of sleep and for a moment, all he sees is a hazy whiteness and the rythmic hiss of his own breathing.

    'Where am I?'

    After a few seconds, the whiteness slowly fades, replaced by a see through, glass canopy. On the other side, men in white coats can be seen bustling around with papers or working on their pip boys.

    'I must be waking up from stasis, that explains all the sawbones running around'

    There is a hiss as the atmosphere of his tank is released and the door to the pod whirs open.

    One of the doctors walk up to John, looking first at his pip boy, then at what looks like a stack of papers.

    'Mr. Wu, my name is Dr. McNamara. As you might have guessed, you have been released from cryo stasis and my job is to make sure you are physically and mentally ok.'

    The first tests are cognitive ones. Problem solving, image recognition, reading, etc. After those are finished, the physical ones come next. Hand eye coordination, reflexes, movement, pushups and situps, etc. Finally comes the psychological evaluation that consists of a variety of questions related to morality, ethics and integrity.

    After what seems like hours, the doc gives John clean bill of health.

    McNamara leaves and then returns after a few minutes with a vault jumpsuit and a pipboy.

    'I have programmed the pipboy with your biometric information and relevant data. Besides setting up your own security password, it is ready for use and will automatically update itself whenever necessary. If you look to my left, you will see a map of the vault. The color coded lines conform to the ones you see on the floor. Just follow the correct one and eventually, you will reach the command center where the overseer will be waiting for you.'

    The map consists of multiple floors, each with its own purpose. John can see a floor with dormitories, classrooms, recreation and cafeteria. The path to this level is referenced with the red line. Another consists of medical, cryogenics, various labs, and storage. Yellow lines all lead here. The security floor is the blue line. It consists of the barracks, armory, training rooms and various storage. The command level is green and John follows the green stripe along the floor. He walks by storage rooms containing medical supplies like Rad Away and Stim Packs. Other rooms have researchers looking through microscopes, various reports, and screens with medical data.

    Eventually, he reaches the elevator and the scanner automatically reads the pip boy on his arm.
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    Markus goes back to Ramses. "You think it is safe to use that missile launcher? You could take out the creature and blow up the door at the same time, clearing us a path. Or we can always double back and take the other way, we have to meet up with this other guy anyways. There is also the possibility that even a blast from that thing won't kill the creature, it looks hurt, but we don't know what it can do, we might just anger it"

    The creature still stands, albeit wounded and tired, next to the fence door.
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    After a few seconds, the dis-embodied voice of the vault computer announces his arrival at the command center. Two guards stand in his way and do not leave until they have confirmed his identity. The floor itself seems to consist of multiple rooms, all filled with computer terminals and giant view screens. People in blue vault suits, emblazoned with the number 113, walk here and there, running dispatches and reports to their various counterparts. Following the line, he passes by the communications room, men who John assumes, are in contact with other vaults, patrols or outside recon parties. Eventually, he finds himself face to face with a elevated, platform on which is mounted dual mini-guns. The overseer sees him and beckons him to come closer.

    'John Wu, I am the Overseer. I have a job for you and its of the utmost importance for both the survival of the vault and your fellow vault dwellers already in the field.'

    'Whats the mission sir?'

    'The vault water purification chip has stopped working and our emergency supplies are slowly dwindling. I have sent both a soldier and an ex-policeman on a journey to find a replacement. Due to the un-expectedness of such an event, among other factors, I had to send them out without you. Needless to say, both the soldier Ramses and the police officer Markus, have the skills necessary to survive the wasteland, I would not have sent them out into the wastes otherwise. The issues boil down to this, Ramses has issues with authority and I do not fully trust the man. While Markus is reliable, he is far too, 'nice', and I worry it might affect both the mission and team cohesion negatively. They are essentially polar opposites and again, I worry that any kind of disagreement might endanger the mission.

    Your job, will be to not only provide further support for the mission, but you will also monitor the behavior of the two. You are to record any conversations that might hint at the promotion of seditious thinking or active support for such activities. You are to also record and note, any ideological leanings, that might jeopardise the health of a fellow teammate, or the mission. Do you understand the mission given to you?'

    'I do sir, crystal clear'

    'Very well then, report to the master at arms on the security level. He will make sure you are properly kitted out for your mission. Afterwards, you are to rendezvous with the others at the coordinates already programmed into your pip boy. You are dismissed.'
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    Ramses prepped the last rocket, "If this can kill a Xu Tank, I think it can kill it." Ramses said it with confidence, but was more bravado. He looked at the manufacture date of the warhead.

    Rock Island Ordinance, Manufacture Date September-2069

    "Say a prayer," The Soldier depressed the literal red button and the rocket flew straight and true and hit the creature straight on. Their was a roar and the door was blown open. After the dust rustled out, it spread it's arms and eYed the Soldier.

    "Shit." he could mutter, the thing was standing even though a huge chunk was missing from its side. The heart was beating visibly. It was stalking forward. Three steps, six steps. Then it falls forward, with a weak howl and it's deadly jaw went slack.
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    Arriving at the security level, John was again greeted with two muscular men who checked his identity and went back to their posts.

    A couple of men were milling milling about in their individual drunk tank, no doubt in trouble for fighting or causing general, boozy mayhem.

    Wu passed the training rooms where security personnel were either having target practice, working out, or training hand to hand combat.

    Arriving at the armory, the MaR scanned Johns pip boy and grunted, 'Here you go.'

    John heard someone walk up behind him to his right.

    'Thats Erickson behind you, follow him and he'll escort you to the vault entrance. After that, your on your own, good luck.'

    Another eleveator ride later, John and Erickson arrived at the hallway leading to the vault doors.

    'Luck be with you and stay safe.'

    The security door hissed open revealing the entry hallway where no doubt, the people entering or leaving, must have felt like limbo. After moving into the hallway, the security door behind slit shut firmly. seconds later, the classic warning alarms sounded as the huge vault door rolled itself slowly open, revealing a darkened cave. Once outside the vault itself, the doors again slowly rolled closed, leaving John to the mercy of the wasteland.

    'Fuck it's dark in here'

    John twisted the ignition cap and threw the flare out ahead of him.

    The new light source revealed the gnawed remains of a giant rat, roughly the size of a small dog.

    'Ah shit.'

    John pulled out his pistol, pulled back the slide to chamber a fresh round, and switched off the safety.

    While scanning for giant rats or other possible mutations, John picked up footprints off the dusty cave floor. The tracks led away from the corpse, and stopped abruptly at the pool of water. Considering the lack of proper light source and lack of wind, and how hungry the critters were that gawed on said corpse, the cave itself must have sealed sealed in whatever lifeforms that were unlucky enough to make their home here.

    'Guess, I'll go for a swim. Good thing they water proofed these damn machines.'

    John switched on his pip boy light and jumped into the water. The liquid was cool, but not cold, suggesting that warm water was getting mixed in somewhere from the outside. Diving under, he slowly made his way through the rocky tunnel, taking breaths whenever available. After swimming some distance, the tunnel eventually opened up into a vast, sun lit lake.
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    Markus takes out the Geiger counter, it was an old WE C-Radz kept in pristine conditions, and takes some measurements. Radiation, whimsy as it is, seemed to cover specific patches of ground or objects. The depot were filled with barrels, most radiation came from those. Even without Rad-X, radiation was low enough to make the passage safely, as long as they didn't spend prolonged periods of time inside the dump.

    "Looks like it's safe to cross, as long as we don't stay there too long. It's getting dark. I say we make camp and wait for our new arrival before proceeding inside, the canyon will hide the light, if not the smoke, if we want to make a fire."
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    Oct 27, 2003
    The sunlight was much brighter than what John had imagined. He closed his eyes, swam to the surface for another breath , and quickly dived back under. Reaching down to the sides of his belt, he felt around and finally his fingers wrapped themselves around the pair of Vault-Tec goggles that was issued to him. The fit was a little tight but this was not the time to make adjustments. With proper eye protection handled, it was finally time to get out of the water.

    The edge of the lake was sandy and the first thing John noticed was foot print, apparently the same ones from the cave. The water logged vault suit was beginning to irritate and if not dried, would make the nights much colder. The suit came off easy and John draped the suit over his head and back. Next thing to do was a supply check to make sure nothing was ruined by the lake water. He had a full magazine for the 10MM pistol, a spare, the vault canteen and a couple bags of cheesy poofs.

    With that done, it was time to make hit the trail. After moving about 600 yards , John noticed the corpses of three, green skinned, heavily muscled humanoids. All three, roughly 7-8 feet tall, were brought down by what looked like massed, small arms fire. One side of the canyon wall showed signs of explosives damage, probably from a rocket or missile type weapon. Surveying the surrounding carnage, weapons and ammo were nowhere to be found. Whatever these mutants were carrying, had been taken. All that was left was a rather old and unreliable looking rifle and a giant 2x4 with nails and a skull. Pass.

    'What kind of shit did you guys get yourselves into?'

    There was nothing else to do so it was time to move on. Scanning the top of the canyon, John spotted the rusted out hulk of a house over looking an abandoned gas station.

    'Lets see what we can find there, assuming the others haven't scavenged the place already'

    Getting to the top was none to hard, considering the path. With gun in hand, Wu secured the area outside and after taking a few cursory glances, moved inside the house. Most of everything inside was thoroughly ravaged by time but there were some signs of habitation. First there were the two caged insects, what seemed to be mutated cockroaches. There was food still in the cages indicating they had been fed. Next, there was a bed that looked like it was slept on recently. Finally, there were two newer looking lockers. Both were secured but the locks themselves were simple. The process was simple and smooth and eventually, both popped open. The first contained about 20 rounds of .308, in 4, 5 round magazines, along with a load bearing vest that would hold an assortment of goodies from magazines to grenades. The second held the prize itself, a pre-war DKS-501 sniper rifle, with bi-pod, telescopic sight and a fresh 5 round mag of .308.


    John put the spare mags in the vest pockets, holstered his pistol, and picked up the rifle. With the house cleared, the gas station was next. After some rummaging around, all the gas station produced was skeletal corpse and some nuka cola.

    'Alright, lets check our map.'

    From the co-ordinates, it looked like the rest of the team would be in the area around the disposal site to the south.
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    Ramses checked the digital clock on his RobCo Pipboy. Really fancy gadget. He noticed the radio station section. Was active, but his curiosity could wait. For all he knew sound carried far and wide around such barren lands.

    "Let's get to some place where we got a view and shelter. Last thing we want is mister monster lizard claws there's nearest and dearest coming to find him." An idea occured to him. Reaching into his pack, he drew a real sharp looking machete. Walking next to the demon thing, he hacked at one of the clawed hands.

    "Maybe when we meet folks they can tell us what this thing is and if it has any known habitats." he held and looked at those foot long claws. Those suckers were sharp. Very sharp.
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    The sun had almost set completely by the time John Wu arrived at the outskirts of the disposal facility. About 300 yards in, near a mass of barrels, the ground had a light green glow to it.

    'Must be patches of radiation.'

    John shouldered the sniper rifle and peered through the scope. At first, he couldn't make out much, the dying light on the massive facility created large patches of shadow. On a second sweep however, John noticed the body of some hulking creature. It was roughly 8 foot tall, somewhat humanoid in appearance, with a heavily muscled torsoe. Both the arms and legs ended with clawed hands and feet. The creatures skull, or what was left, resembled that of a dragon/bovine hybrid.

    'Fucking mutants galore.'

    John climbed up a nearby outcropping of rocks and settled down.

    'No geiger counter, fucking great. Must have been a mixup.'

    After mulling over various ideas, Wu decided breaking radio silence might be his only chance.

    'Snake Eyes to Eagle, SN, to Eagle over.'

    'This is Eagle.'

    'Eagle, I'm at site, ready for rendezvous. Please advise c group of my location. I don't want to get irradiated or shot barging in un-announced over.'

    'Eagle copies.'

    Alright old fella, its just you and me now. Until the meetup, Wu was on overwatch.
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