Vault 69

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    Short story I posted in the order. I thought it might as well be posted here for everyone.

    Vault 69

    It is July the 21st year 2077 the world is gripped in chaos, most of the worlds oil resources are gone, the once busy free ways are at a stand still, with little resources left fuel become more expensive than gold, the bustling and busy streets of the big city's have become war zones with looting and destruction, With the police force already stretched thin there was little to do to stop the ongoing violence.

    The US government with the Vault-tec corporation built vaults to house people from the threat of nuclear war, The lucky who could afford to buy a bed in the vaults look forward to a safe future. People who could not afford this were put on a list of applicants and if you were lucky enough you would be chosen to live in the underground vaults.

    My Name is Carlos Armat but my friends called me Wooz and I am one of the lucky ones. I received my pass for Vault 69 and my copy of the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide. Vault-Tec have instructed me to wait outside with one suitcase of possessions I wish to take and they will send a escort convoy to pick me up from my address today at 13:00 hours.
    The Vault-Tec bus finally arrives with a convoy of armoured hummers with men armed with machine guns and gas masks. The convoy stops in front of my house and man jumps out of the hummer and ask "Carlos Armat! can you please present your pass and identification." I hand my pass over and ID he checks them over and hands them back to me. "Please proceed to the bus." I get on the bus and walk up the back to the spare seat that I can see, As I look around at everyone on the bus I realise that I seem to be the only male, I don't think anything else about it and we drive on.

    After two hours on the bus we finally arrive at Adirondack Mountains where the Vault 69 is built into the mountain it self. We drive through several heavily armed blockades and enter a tunnel into the mountain.
    We pull up into a huge loading area which seems to have large amount crates which are scattered all over the place. We all get off the bus and are walked up into the complex past the huge Vault door which will be soon closed behind us.
    We get into the elevator and are taken down to the 5th level. The elevator doors open and we step out into the hallway an we are walked down the corridors. We pass several rooms filled with computers system with women monitoring them.
    We arrive at the overseers office and told to wait outside until we a called in, one by one we are each called into the room. I finally hear my name called and enter the overseers office.

    I enter the office and see a middle aged women sitting at her desk. Her hair is strawberry blond and her face looks weathered but still has this beauty about it.
    "Welcome Carlos to Vault 69 my name is Anna but please call me overseer. I hope the trip here was not to rough, we have had a few convoys attacked in the past couple of weeks."
    "The trip was long but we didn't run into any trouble" I said. "Good to hear, now down to business. My job here today is to review your application and assign you to a job. I have checked you application and you have been assigned to maintenance. Tomorrow at 6:00 please proceed down to the 7th level and report to Skenvoy, the living quarters are located on level 3 you have been assigned room 203 pass code 2045."
    I ask "What do I do till then?" "Please feel free to move about the vault meet some people. We also have an entertainment room on level 2. At this stage you may be happy to know that you are the only male stationed here at this time. We still are waiting on our male applicants." She smiles at me and gestures for me to leave. I make my way to the elevator to my quarters.


    Months had past and over time I became good friends with Skenvoy. She was a slightly large build lady with an attitude like a man, I guess I get along with her most as she is the closest I have to a guy friend since no other males have arrived yet.
    "Wooz you day dreaming again" she says "Yeah a little, I just wonder how all my friends are doing in the outside world, things were getting worse before I left." " I am sure they will be fine Wooz. Maybe you should man the fuck up" she then laughs at me. "I know I am sure they got passes and are safe like me." "Come on cheer up. Lets knock off early today and have ourselves a drink." "Ok Sounds like a plan." We head out of the workshop and head up to the entertainment level. We walk into the bar and order a nice drink from Mr Handy the Vault robot.
    We sit sipping on our drinks when we hear the sirens start. "Attention Vault Dwellers, Please remain calm we have just had reports of launch detection, The vault doors have now been sealed. Lets us pray that we are wrong."
    A wave of terror flows through me! it was not the thought of all the people on the outside being vaporised. My friends, my family all gone, no it was the thought of being the only male in a vault with over 1000 females. Most men would be cheering with joy right now but not me. I made one lie on my application. I said my sexual orientation is straight.....I am Gay.
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    Liked it but you should have left out :
    Then it would have left some for the imagination.
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    Remember reading it the first time, good stuff. :)
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    Take that Vault Corporation!!!!
  5. It's alot better tha Kilius-comedy.

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    It's fun to read. Saw the end comming, though :wink:
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    Great punchline.
    Well, these Vaults were never meant to save anyone, have they?
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    O.o I think they would've have at least one other male in there... but still this is friggen hilarious!
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    That vault is a social experiment. 1 Male to 999 Females to gauge the reaction. Theres another (68 i believe) which is 999 Males to 1 Female.
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    Hmmmmm... I'll have to find that fic huh? still was funny.
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    I was thinking the other day whether or not I should continue on with the story. Should I just leave it as a short story or continue on?
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    I say continue. This forum needs more lesbian orgies.