Very Evil Karma NPC's

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    In the original Fallout games this entire event would have been treated similar to Fallout 2's NCR power plant hostage scenario. A make or break scenario that only impacts the characters involved (literally). Even if the player failed on that quest there was a moment of satisfaction simply for trying to help calm down the deranged NCR officer and do the right thing. If the player calmed the officer all they get in return is some books, which in the grand scheme for material worth isn't that much for averting a massive disaster. The entire quest rests completely with how the player feels and approaches the scenario not some random UI pop up that says you are a good person.

    The stakes are obvious to the player, and the player can make an educated decision based on the events evolving details. However with the Tenpenny tower fiasco, the player is literally unable to make an educated choice about the event due to the developers purposely withholding information. For such a "minor" quest it doesn't make sense to not only not tell the player a understandable amount of information about the situation but also rewards the player with good karma for literally making a uninformed choice with the ghouls based completely upon what would be politically correct. When the hell has Fallout ever been politically correct?

    My point I'm trying to get at is the Bethesda "quests" and Karma system is so whishy washy that not only does it go against the basis of design of the original IP, it's incredibly insulting. In the original Fallout titles sure you could walk into an encounter or quest and seriously not be ready for it, but with the correct build or level it is achievable. The modern Fallout titles simply reward stupidity and snap choices rather than the player thinking for themselves leading to very unremarkable experiences.
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    According to Bethesda's new canon, all ghouls eventually turn feral unless they die before that happens thus turning some form of post-apocalyptic discrimination into a justified case for segregation. Bravo Bethesda.

    I guess that Emil thinks that the quest is too straight forward so he added a "twist" in the end. This reminds me of the uncut ending of Gizmo-Killian conflict in FO1. I honestly think a little more telegraphing would have made it work. Mr. House seems like a Gizmo done right. Anyway, modders yet again prove themselves to be more competent than Bethesda by introducing a mod that fixes Tenpenny Tower.
    Still, it doesn't change the fact that you get the Ghoul Mask which works like it was from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
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