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    Apr 30, 2019
    I've been enjoying the mod A World Of Pain (AWOP) and since I haven't found documentation for edit, been creating fandom content for it. I'd like for a video to be put there about a specific part of the mod but I don't have a powerful enough system to do so.

    If someone feel like making a video capture for it, it would need to be 480p (or better); please notice that to properly install AWOP that a small text file edit should be made (it should work otherwise, just not be visually optimal (IIRC have to do with the mod NPC faces)). I would like the user to fast-travel close to Freetech Broadcast Building then reach it quickly, one doesn't need to dispatch of the enemies as there's troops in its entrance which should take care of it† (the goal is to show the layout, not the combat system) then go straight through it (not looking around) down to its basement then through Residential Sector then toward where this screenshot

    was taken through Underground Market Sector then toward where this screenshot

    was taken (the Deathclaw is a trooper) to Trapper's Pass then up to its 1st enemy (toward the north), one doesn't need to dispatch of it as there's troops heading back. Then come back and stroll through Underground town, looking at the scenery and if the user feel like it have a quick "chat" (it's text only) with a service provider (without getting into a building there's Elias, Schulze & Tecoult). So get to the specified 1st AWOP enemy without taking your time (it's no speed-run though) then leisurely go through the town. The user might want to have reached the specified enemy before making the capture to know how to get straight to it.

    Thank you kindly for your consideration

    † Don't worry about factions reputations, I've been wearing apparel of different ones without any issue.
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