Wasteland 2 gets last beta update

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    May 28, 2010
    The gist of the latest Kickstarter update for Wasteland 2 is that the 5gb update for the beta build of Wasteland 2 that some of you are probably downloading right now contains a plethora of improvements for the game, and is the last milestone before the release of the actual game. As for when it will actually release, we don't have a precise date yet, but inXile announced that it'd be by the end of August in a recent update, though they conceded that it might slip into the early weeks of September.

    Here's a snippet on the actual improvements contained in the update:
    What’s New in this Build?

    When we pulled the changelist from our source control (since the last update), it was 551 uncurated PAGES of bug fixes, polish and iterated features. This list has been reduced down and can be read in its entirety (but why would you want to do that?!?) here. Some of the main things you’ll notice in this build:

    Huge balance pass across all elements of the game
    Enemy AI/Enemy Stats/Damage/Weapons/Dropsets/Skill Use
    Added a mini-map
    Lots of new optimizations to memory and load times
    Tons of new UI improvements (visual and functional)
    New audio added across the board (weapons/enemies/ambient/player events)
    Large visual effects pass in all levels
    Oh-so-much general clean-up/polish and iteration​
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    Their update (the one i got in the mail anyway) says :

    "Before we get into the fun stuff, a quick note on the release date. It’s pretty likely that we will slip into the first or second week in September due to fulfillment of the physical goods and discs. We will give an exact date as soon as we know it."

    So unless that Podcast was VERY recent (as in yesterday or today), i guess its still somewhat up in the air when it'll actually be released. Not that it matters as such, , its all likely to be within a 2 week window or so anyway :)
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    I was under the impression that such a delay would only affect the physical version, but Brother None now is telling me that, were it to happen, it'd also affect the digital versions of the game, so I'm going to edit the post.
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    Good luck to the dudes, I hope makes the lads at RPG Codex weep with joy.
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    Lol, fat chance at that. People seem upset in general; then again, when aren't they?

    I'M EXCITED! Another cRPG? Gimme
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    The Codex has a reputation to preserve
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    What is Codex pissed about? Besides everything I mean.