Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Update #3, $1,27 million reached

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    Another milestone has been reached and surpassed by Wasteland 2's Kickstarter drive, as the total of money that donors have pledged to it has now reached more than $1,270,000, and as a consequence of that Brian Fargo has penned a third update in which he talks about what he thinks this means for the project and the gaming industry as a whole:<blockquote>What an incredible week this has been. The outpouring of support and faith is nothing like I have ever had before (except maybe from my Mom), and for the first time in years it feels good to be in the games business. I have always loved both making and playing games, but the business side of it has been painful at times. In fact, there were a couple times the frustration with publishers was so high I considered stopping. It just seemed like the era of purity was over. Even when Interplay was a large company there was such a positive vibe with everyone pulling in the same direction with a real passion for their job. I frequently run into the folks I worked with in those days, and this same memory of those times remains with them.

    One friend of mine who worked with me there said recently he felt that in the beginning of the industry all the nerds were in charge, but then as the industry grew it changed, and now the guys that picked on the nerds got back on top. I think there was some great truth to that. We all hope this movement is bigger than just Tim Schafer or Brian Fargo as we want to get power back into the developers hands again. And the unbelievable Indie scene shows that there is momentum in that direction. The development community continues to pull itself together to ensure their success. They share tools, they share statistics, they share ideas, and the biggest donators in Kickstarter are always developers. All of this reminds me of the freshness the industry had in the late 80′s through mid 90′s in which creativity was being directed only by the gamers. The gamers will always rule at the end of the day.

    You will probably hear me thanking you all a hundred more times, but again, thanks for giving us this opportunity to do what we do best. Make games!

    -Brian Fargo</blockquote>Thanks maggit and another Mysterious Stranger.
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    why no video???
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    Perhaps he tried and his mind got overcome by a tears sausage.
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    Lol. Oh, to prove you wrong, I just have to look at you, Brian, and Mr Todd Howard...
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    It is better not to make a video that a bad one.
    With so many days left, it's better to keep low/moderate profile and stagger the communication with the fans IMHO.
    Moreover video cost money :wink: :P
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